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As cyclists, we can all agree that weight plays a vital part in cycling, any extra additional wight can make a huge difference when it comes to those dreaded climbs, but for some cyclists, especially those that use their bikes to commute, they will have the need to carry extra items which is where saddle bags can come in handy. In this post, I am going to guide you through all about bicycle saddle bags and who would benefit from these and also the different types of saddle bags available on the market this day in age.

What Are Bicycle Saddle Bags?

Bicycle saddle bags are basically an extra pouch that straps to your bike for you to store extra essential items that won’t fit into your jersey pockets or back pack, or maybe these are items you want to keep with the bike at all times and prefer them to be separate to having them on you personally.

Bicycle saddle bags have never been a thing for the fashionable cyclist, but these days, saddle bags have moved on from the old fashioned saddle bags that people think of that used hang down either side of your rear wheel or even front wheel called panniers which are still popular for cyclists out there. The latest version of saddle bags are now small bags that strap to your seat post, which people now sometimes call them “seat packs”. These have become more popular for cyclists as they fashionably look better but they are also more compact and lightweight.

What Type Of Items Are Saddle Bags Used For?

Typically, cyclists will use these saddle bags to store their essential items should anything happen whilst out on a ride, certainly for those cyclists that are out on long rides. These items would be things like, spare inner tubes, inner tube patch kit, tyre levers, small pump, multi tool, etc. Basically all the items you would need should you become stranded on your bike due to some kind of bicycle problem.

Cyclists that would be using the slightly larger bags may want these larger saddle bags for extra items as well as the items I listed such as their phone, cash, keys or maybe some warmers or a fold away waterproof jacket.

These saddle bags are great for those cyclists that would rather not have the weight directly on them personally like carrying a back pack or using the 3 rear jersey pockets.

Buying Guide For Saddle Bags

Firstly, one of the critical things to think about when it comes buying a bicycle saddle bag or seat pack, is the size of the bag or shall I say volume. Just like with backpacks, saddle bags are often listed in size by litres or some brands just list the dimensions.


To help you decide around the size of the bag you need, you need to think about the type of distance you usually ride and therefore the essentials you will need to carry with you. For those that mainly do short distance rides and want a saddle bag to carry bare essentials will just want to look for the smaller size saddle bag, these would be typical for carrying inner tubes, inflator, tyre levers and a multi tool.

For those that probably require a larger saddle bag which would be in the region of around 15 litres, would probably want to have the bare essentials plus extra layers such as warmers or waterproof layers to store away in them too, especially those that tend to go out on very long distance rides.

Top Pick Of Saddle Bags

Here is a list of saddle bags I have picked out in no particular order which I would recommend if at this point you have decided that a saddle bag is something you want or need;

1. Evoc saddlebag

Evoc do offer other models tailored for race and touring but I have picked this one out as it sits somewhere in between with a capacity of 0.65 litres. This saddle bag is ideal for those that only want to store the bare essentials such as inner tubes, multi tool and tyre levers. Very easy to install to your bike using Velcro straps to strap the bag to your seat post.

The only downside I have read with this saddle bag is that it does lack in waterproof protection, so not ideal for those that cycle often in the wet.


Tweeks Cycles , Tredz

2. Blackburn Outpost seat pack

As you can see, this saddle bag is on the larger side of the scale, in fact, it’s almost a back pack just strapped to the seat post. This bag is 11 litres in capacity so is for the cyclists who is looking for a large bag. This bag hooks onto your seat post and features a Nylon outer with a removable inner dry sack to keep your kit in a good condition.

I have read reviews that this bag is not ideal to use with those that have a carbon seat post.


Tweeks Cycles , Tredz 

3. Altura NV Road Saddle Large Bag

This saddle bag is 0.8 litres in capacity and is shaped to sit nicely under your seat post. Of course with NV in the name, this bag is designed to be reflective should you be riding in the dark but in the day, the material just looks black. Straps onto your seat post using Velcro straps and has an extra mini bungee cord to hold it tight to the seat post.

Tweeks Cycles , Tredz

4. Speedsleev Smuggler

This saddle bag is a small to medium size saddle bag and fits to the seat post again using Velcro straps. Made from a waterproof Nylon fabric will ensure your items stay dry inside and this bag is also available in different colours.


5. Topeak Aero Wedge Pack

I’ve picked this saddle bag out as I like the fact that one of the features on this bag is that you can expand some compartments if you needed to which is very useful for those that do a mixture of different types of cycling in terms of long and short distance where some rides you want to carry a few more items than other rides. The overall capacity for this bag is 1.97 litres.

The bag also features reflective strips and also a mount for a rear light.


Tweeks Cycles , Tredz

Are Bicycle Saddle Bags For You?

If you are the cyclist that really needs to carry essential items but don’t like the feel of carrying things on you personally in terms of using your jersey pockets or having a back pack on, then these saddle bags to strap to your seat post would be a great addition to your bike kit.

Check out more saddle bags on Amazon here;

Bicycle saddle bags UKBicycle saddle bags US

Or check out Tweeks Cycles , Tredz

Just remember that if speed is important to you, then I would stick to using your jersey pockets as you want to keep weight on the bike down to the absolute minimum as these bags do add some weight to your bike as well as the items you plan to put in them.

Please feel free to comment below on your thoughts about these saddle bags or add any experience you have in using these and I will always reply within 24 hours.

Happy cycling!!

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14 thoughts on “About Bicycle Saddle Bags – Convenient Extra Baggage”

  1. Hi Lee,

    Coming across your post is very timely for me!! I’ve been wondering what to get my daughter for Christmas, and you’ve just given me a great idea.

    She has started cycling in distance races, and these bicycle saddlebags are perfect. She was using her pockets last year, so this will be a great surprise for her.

    I also love shopping with Amazon because it’s easy to make returns if you need to. And of course, they have the best prices.

    Thanks again,

    1. Hi Suzanne, that sounds great that your daughter is doing some distance races. They would make a great Christmas present for her, if you need any advice e or support then feel free to be in touch I would be happy to help. Please feel free to check out some other posts on this site that might help out for your daughter too.

  2. I’ve been meaning to get a saddle bag for some time now. There’s nothing worse than going on a long cycle only to realise you’ve forgotten something! I just don’t want anything too clunky, so maybe the Altura saddlebag would be the right one for me.

    1. Hi Alec, as long as you can fit in the essential items for your ride then that would be a great choice as its compact. Main thing is to fit the items in that can make sure your back on the move should you get a flat tyre or need to adjust anything with a multi tool.

  3. I know a friend who would wreath ride his bike to work but the shoulder bag that he has gets to be to heavy with his laptop inside of it. Do they make one that is big enough to transport a laptop?

    1. Hi Lori, your friend would be better with a decent cycling back pack to fit in a laptop If I’m honest. These saddle bags are really to be used for essentials to keep you on the bike such as spares and tools. Plus a laptop can be quite heavy in terms of weight, so they wouldn’t be ideal strapped to a seat post.

    1. Hi Rowan, it is certainly a good time to add them to your Christmas list that is for sure!! If you need some support on they type or size bag you will need then feel free to get in touch or for more accessories, check out other posts on this website.

  4. Hi Lee,

    A great post for cyclists! Personally I haven’t been a cyclist for many years but in my youth when I did ride a bicycle I certainly would have agreed with your comment that ‘weight plays a vital part in cycling’. There were many hilly climbs where I lived and there were no light weight saddle bags available on the market in those days so everything had to be carried on one’s back! I really would have appreciated at that time having one of those light weight bags that you showed in your article.

  5. I have never really thought about making it easier to carry things on a bike before. I have a few friends I may send your way that are big into cycling. Thank you for the info

    1. Hi Linette, please do feel free to send them my way and to check out this site if they are big into cycling. Or if your looking to buy them a Christmas present, there maybe something here that could help you out lol.

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