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Hi everyone and welcome to my Cycling Clothing website. Cycling is something I have enjoyed doing since I was a child at the age of 9 years old, even though back then it was more of just riding around playing with my friends, as I got older I started to join friends from work who were taking a more serious side to cycling which I became to really enjoy as well.

I was always active as a child being into sports, mainly football which was my primary sport and cycling was just a way for me and my friends to get around and meet, but we was always at competition with each other on who had the best bike or who had the best bike accessories etc.

Over the years being involved in cycling, I now know how important it can be to ensure you have the correct clothing for different climates. For those of us who are lucky enough to live in England, the weather can change any minute from hot to cold and from dry to wet, so I now know how important it is to have the correct clothing and knowing what to wear during certain conditions in order to keep dry and comfortable during your ride and I would like to use this knowledge to help others.

A Little Story About My Life In Cycling

So as I mentioned earlier, Football was my main hobby in sport, I would be training twice during the week, playing for a Saturday league team and also a Sunday league team with the odd cycling in between. Then one day during a football match, I got a serious injury to my knee where I had torn my Anterior Crutiate Ligament which put me out for nearly a year and I had to take time off work following an operation to repair it and follow up with months of high physiotherapy.

During the physio, the main purpose was to build strength and muscle back into my legs around the knee, and one of the perfect ways to do this was to do a non impact exercise, cycling!!

This was where I decided to start reading about cycling and discuss this with some work colleagues who I knew were into their cycling. They gave me the edge in what bikes to get, what clothing and equipment and what local meetings and clubs there were.

So I joined a club and became part of the cycling community and I would enjoy going on the club weekend rides which took us on some outstanding scenery views and helping each other to train and become fitter at the same time.

I would also join the club “chain gangs” which was excellent training for fitness but it was very hard and I would struggle at first to stay with the group the whole 21 miles round but the most encouraging thing was I could feel myself getting stronger and fitter every week until I was finally able to stay with the group week in week out and that made me feel amazing, and of course it didn’t take long for the muscles around my knee to return to size and strength and my knee felt and feels just like it did before!!


Feeling And Looking The Part

As I got more and more into my cycling, I was always wanting to improve my image on the bike as well as performance and having new clothing just seemed to give me that psychological feeling that I am now part of a huge community in sport and now I look the part and feel great.

This might not be the case for some people but I am sure 99% of us go into the shopping centre, buy new clothes and feel great once you go out in your smart new outfit, it’s the same for on the bike!

Sometimes buying new clothing for your sport is a little boost you want to make sure you continue to enjoy and feel great about the sport.

But remember, clothing in cycling is very important, it was helps you to feel comfortable on your ride which in all, helps you to perform to your best ability!


Stay Safe, Comfortable And Feel Great

It’s very important that in cycling, you are comfortable during your ride against the conditions your are riding in whether that be in the dry, wet, summer or winter, day and night but also remember, safety must be the number one priority!

Please feel free to look around the site to find what you are looking for and remember if you need any support or want to share anything, then feel free to comment below.

Thank you for visiting the site and continue to love the sport!


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    1. Thank you Kodie, that’s really good positive feedback to hear. I am glad that you feel you have taken something away from the site. Please feel free to be in touch should you need any help or guidance on anything to do with cycling.

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