Anti-Pollution Masks For Cycling – Protect Your Lungs Whilst Riding


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Commuting to work by cycling or just cycling in general provides many benefits such as saving on fuel costs, cycle through the busy traffic and keeping you fit and healthy. However, for those that cycle in the city, the healthy part of cycling can be affected by breathing in the fumes from all of those cars stuck in traffic causing high pollution, and this where an anti-pollution mask for cycling can come in handy to get your cycling back to being healthy again.

You see it all over the news about climate change and air pollution in the major cities, which is another reason why more people should try to use cycling as their mode of transport to and from work as this will help benefit you as an individual and also help towards reducing the pollution in the city.


Of course these pollution masks aren’t just for those that commute in the major cities, any cyclist may want to wear these, even out on the country roads, why not? There are still motor vehicles on those roads pumping out fumes that you don’t want to be breathing in whilst you’re having a good workout.

There’s nothing worse than being on the road and you have just done a hard climb catching your breath and then some car comes past spitting loads of fumes out straight into your cycling path and you breath it all in!Car_Pollution

These cycling anti-pollution masks are a great and cheap way of just helping to keep your lungs free of polluted air, especially for those who suffer from asthma or bronchitis, but they also help to prevent any long term illnesses that the pollution could cause later on in life.

So let’s take a look at just how these masks actually work and also I will pick out some masks for you to check out for yourself.

How Do These Masks Work?

Anti-pollution masks fit over your mouth just like a normal dust mask, only these masks will have either built in filters or replaceable filter inside them which filter out the pollutants from the air as you breath in, allowing just oxygen through into your lungs.

There is no guarantee that these filters will keep absolutely everything out 100%, but they highly reduce the amount you would be breathing in making your commute more safe.

These filters can also help with filtering out some pollen too, so if you’re just like me who suffers from hay fever, these masks can help with those allergies too.

Buying Guide For Masks

Over in the States, when you are looking for an anti-pollution mask, they should be carrying either an N95 or N99 certification. These are ratings which are issues by the US government and these indicate the percentage of air particulate that a mask can filter.

A N95 rating will protect you from 95% of particles in the air, whereas an N99 rating will filter 99% of particles and it makes sense that the N99 certification should be the one you want for obvious reasons.


In terms of fitting for your mask, of course this is massively important as a mask which has a loose fitting will not provide any protection what so ever as there will be no seal against your face to block out the nasty pollutants.

Having a mask that is too tight though, could affect your breathing as well as being uncomfortable while riding!

I would advise that you look for a sizing chart for each mask you are reviewing as all manufactures may have the same sizes but could fit differently.

There are two attachments on these masks for fitting, behind the ear loop straps or behind the head straps. There isn’t really one fitting that is better than the other, it is purely up to your preference on whether you want the mask strap to go round your ears or your head.

To help the mask seal comfortably around the nose, most masks will come with a metal strip which you can squeeze or pinch on the bridge of your nose, this will also help hold the mask in place too.

Masks With Built In Or Replaceable Filters?

Again, which ever type of mask you go for, it doesn’t matter hugely on whether you go for masks which have built in filters which are disposable masks or masks that have replaceable filters in them, it is personal choice but there are some advantages with both.

Most filters in these masks should last between 6 months and a year before they need replacing. The only problem with disposable masks, is that when the filters are now no good, you have to throw the whole thing away and buy a new one which is also not very environmentally friendly but they are however simpler than replaceable filter masks.

With replaceable filter masks you just have to buy and replace the filters once they reach the end of their life.

Top Anti-Pollution Masks

Here I have picked out some anti-pollution masks for cycling in no particular order;

1. Respro Ultralight

Extremely lightweight and comfortable, the Ultralight mask is made from an elastic stretch fabric that stretches in four directions and provides users with maximum comfort even during training in high humidity and temperature conditions. This unique model will work even at high temperatures – breathable material, specially designed valves, anatomical mask design, convenient Velcro adjustment, and silicone membranes resistant to extreme temperatures, will provide every user with full comfort and protection in the city and beyond. It comes complete with a practical hood pouch.

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2. Cambridge Mask Pro

The Cambridge Mask uses military grade filtration technology to filter out nearly 100% of particulate pollution, gases, as well as bacteria and viruses in a fashion friendly mask suitable for the whole family. This is the British Pollution Solution. Independently Tested The filters used in Cambridge Mask meet the N99 standard (higher than N95). The masks use a triple-layer filter system which will protect from a range of airborne contaminants.

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3. HONYAO Dust Mask

The mesh of the dust proof mask cover is well-built by premium Nylon, lightweight material, soft texture, quick drying, offering excellent permeability. More thick and full Carbon fiber filter makes the filter layer more clean and sanitary. The ventilation breathable mask with adjustable nose clip, hanging ear design which is not easy to fall off, and stretchy and adjustable strap suitable for most people, double air breathing valve excellent permeability, effective seal and prevents fogging, keeps the mask from slipping. One size fits most adults, also easy adjust the size to meet the most head type.

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4. TOLEMI Dustproof Mask Respirator

This dust mask comes with 3 activated carbon filters so it can offer effective filtration of various suspended pollution particles such as fumes, dust, smog, smoke, pollen, mould, spores and other pollutants. The mask is designed with adjustable nose clip & ear loop strap, so you can easily adjust and a more comfortable nose fit and an embossed top panel to help reduce fogging of eye wear, improving field of vision. The mask is made of nylon and spandex, moisture-proof and breathable, comfortable to wear, washable and reusable, the nose clip is made of silicone and metal.

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5. SKYSPER Dust Mask

This mask features double air valve design to help you breath easier and freely when riding the bike. You can adjust the mask freely with hook & loop fastener. Made from neoprene fabric, soft touch and efficiently keeps warm, so this is an ideal mask for the cold temperatures.

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Breath Of Fresh Air

Cycling is a great activity in terms of keeping us fit and healthy and it should stay that way when you are out and about sharing the roads with other vehicles, so these masks are a great way for you to keep healthy and reduce the risks of any illnesses that could be caused by pollution later in life!

I think personally, some of these masks look pretty cool too!!

Check out more at Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Why not comment below and let me know your thoughts on these anti-pollution masks or ask any questions you may have after reading this article and I will always respond within 24 hours.

Happy cycling!!

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16 thoughts on “Anti-Pollution Masks For Cycling – Protect Your Lungs Whilst Riding”

  1. Hi Lee

    Thank you for a very informative article on anti-pollution mask for cycling. I learned a lot from reading it. I can see how useful a mask can be in helping to protect those who use it. Especially those who have to deal with the stifling and harmful fumes.

    Not only is the mask very useful for cycling, but knowing that it can also be useful in helping individuals who have problem with hay fever, will always make it a good buy. Sounds like it is worthwhile to always have one available.

    You did a great job in providing information on the different kinds of anti-pollution masks and the buying guide for the masks. This information will be very helpful to individuals who need help with buying masks. You also did well in informing that it is best to use a sizing chart to make sure you get the best fit.
    Well done

    1. Thank you Jackie, yes hayfever in the summer is terrible for me!! I think these should be a must for anyone who cycles or does any kind of activities in highly polluted areas such as the city. Thank you for your kind words

  2. Cycling for me is a very good sport. And you have explained here why commuting with I is a very good one that I find very good. I will really like to give this a try as much as possible. Actually, I don’t cycle to work but I do it for fun on trails which can get very dusty sometimes and inhaling will not be good for my health. There are fun masts there and I liked them. Very nice. I will try it.

    1. Hi John, I know what you mean about the dust on the trails. Especially in the summer when they are bone dry and your riding behind someone and that dust isn’t good for you at all so these masks could help with that too. 

  3. Hi, cyclists have to deal with cars blowing out exhaust into their faces.  This makes it difficult to breathe and is also unhealthy.  

    if I was riding a bike then I would invest in this. It could use a style upgrade but nobody will notice anyway.  Do you need to replace the filter pretty regularly?

    1. Hi Jake, you should get at least 6 months out of a filter, but of course that can depend on how often you use it and how bad the air is where you are. You will be able to tell just by checking the filter if it will need changing or not as it will be pretty mucky. 

  4. I am really happy I stumbled across your review about anti-pollution masks for cyclists.  I have chronic bronchitis and living in a busy metro area leaves me feeling sick more days than not.  Admittedly I had never heard of a cycling mask but now I feel hopeful.  As I want to get back in shape but pollution and chest colds were making it near impossible to enjoy cycling on our trails. 

    1. Sorry to hear you suffer Pamela. These masks can be used for running as well as cycling. I would strongly recommend you invest in one with your condition. If you need any help just let me know. 

  5. Hi Lee and thanks for this informative article. 

    I’ve been cycling to work for a number of years now and really worry about the pollution that I am exposing myself to as I ride through traffic. I sometimes feel that the health benefits of riding my bike to be offset by the pollution and don’t know why I haven’t thought of investing in something like this in the past. 

    You mention that the filters can be replaced in the masks; do you know how often and at what cost this would be? I would also hate to buy a mask and then find it difficult to replace the filters so would want to make sure that replacement filters are available readily.

    1. Hi Marketa, it sounds like you could really benefit from one of these types of masks. As for the filters, you should get at least 6 months out of them before replacing but it can depend on the air quality you’re riding in and also how often. It depends on the mask you have bought on how much filters are but they are all over the internet. I would recommend that once you find the masks you want, just do a search for the filters before you buy to make sure you can get hold of them. 

  6. Those masks look really cool, and strong. Breathing in those car fumes is certainly bad, I hate it. I don’t ride a bycicle anymore, but I used to ride a motorcycle, and I always held my breath when I accidentally inhaled those fumes … 

    It’s so great that these masks have filters. I didn’t even know that that existed, that is just a wonderful addition. You got me sold when you mentioned that these masks also filter out pollen. I sometimes get pollen allergies, depending on how many pollen there are. Some years it is less. So, those masks are very useful. 

    I like the Honyao dust mask. Lightweight material and quick drying are great.I would love to take up cycling again, but it is a little dangerous where I live. That is the main reason why I stopped doing it. Now, however, the city is making an effort to make it safer again, they have built cycling routes in some parts of town, so that is nice. When I take up cycling again, I will make sure to get a mask.

    1. Hi Christine, it’s sadto hear that the city has put you off cycling. But also positive to hear that they are making an effort to make it safe again. Is it possible for you to maybe take up cycling off road or out in the country side somewhere? 

  7. Oh,this is just so good. You know, i swear number of people who actually where this masks and I think they are just some gang guys. Well, even if they are, they have in a way done something to live a healthier life than many other cyclers. I do not cycle but my brother does very regularly. The Respro Ultralight might be a very good mask that I should give a try. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi John, lol yes I know what you mean. Some of these masks remind of shredder out of the mutant ninja turtles lol. But they are effective and will make a difference. 

  8. Hi Lee, 

    I live in London and wearing an anti-pollution Mask is pretty much a given when you’re cycling any time remotely close to rush hour.

    The Honyao dust mask looks pretty cool to me & it’s available in the UK so sounds ideal. is the mask itself quite soft and comfortable on the face?

    1. Hi Nate, if you read the reviews on the product they seem to do really well and the material and fit around the nose is designed for comfort as well as sealing tightly around your face so no pollutants can leak through. In London yes these should be a given that’s for sure!! 

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