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As you may have seen in some of my previous posts on this website, being dry and comfortable is very important when riding in the cold or wet. I have written about keeping your feet warm and dry, your legs and your hands, but the most important part of your body you want to keep dry and warm is your upper body, and this is where you would want to invest in a decent cycling jacket, so this post I am going to help you in writing about the best cycling waterproof jackets out there on the market.

Your legs, hands and toes will recover, but if your upper body gets wet and cold while you’re out for a while on a ride, then you can risk becoming ill will the flu and this will put a pause to you being able to get out and enjoying your rides. Cycling in the cold and wet doesn’t have to be painful and something you feel like your having to drag yourself out to do because you’re going to dread it, it can still be fun and enjoyable, you just need to make sure you have the correct clothing on to accommodate these conditions.

Now I am not saying you get the same satisfaction cycling in the wet than you do when its dry or sunny, but with the equipment out there on the market today, sure you can still enjoy the wet days on your bike.


Here I want to go through the different materials you can find with cycling jackets;

Waterproof – There are different materials on the market which will protect you from the rain such as different synthetic materials or some natural products.

Fleece Lined – These type of jackets are not really for packing away in your backpack in case you need it due to the fact these can be bulky and heavy. They are however warm, durable and comfortable and absolutely ideal in the freezing cold dry climate.

Softshell – These type of jackets are ideal for those who want to pack them down to a small size and pack away in a backpack. These are affordable, protective and can keep you warm.

Windproof – Purely designed to just provide protection against the wind. Ideal for if you are on fast rides in the cold where you will generate a lot of sweat.

Fitting Guide

As with all clothing for cycling, it is important that the fit of the jacket is just right. You don’t want it too tight that it can be uncomfortable and restrict any movement, also you don’t want the jacket to be too big that it allows water to leak through and becomes too baggy. You want the fit to be nice and snug but remember you will want to wear a jersey or a base layer underneath and possibly some bib tights so when trying one on, remember to think about room for these.

As with a lot of clothing, it is always best to try some different manufacturers cycling jackets on before going ahead and buying online. Different manufacturers in the same size may vary, what fits you in a medium with one brand, might not fit you as a medium with another brand. Once you have made your decision and know the size and brand you want, then jump online to look for the best offers on that jacket.

Features On A Cycling Jacket

Here are some other features you can find on cycling jackets that might help you make the best choice in what you are looking for;

Weight – Of course weight has a big part to pay in cycling, especially for long distance riding, so a good decent lightweight jacket would be perfect for you here.

High Visibility – Many cycling jackets, especially waterproof cycling jackets will feature some high visibility material on them. Either the whole jacket will be a bright colour, or they may have some reflective strips on them. This is something you will want to think about, especially if you are a regular commuter that rides n poorly lit areas. For me, it is essential to have a high visibility jacket for wet weather riding as visibility is poor when it is raining so you want every chance in being seen.

Packable – This would be ideal for those that either commute or cycle long distance where the weather may be looking fine to start with, but then while you are out or later in the day, the weather takes a turn and it starts raining, so all you have to do is pull out your jacket and put it on and bang you can tackle the rain with no problem.

Hooded – These are another great feature for riding in the cold and wet. Most of our body heat is lost through our heads, yes you have a helmet on, but they have big vents and don’t help keep the body heat in, so a hooded jacket that you can pull onto your head under your helmet can be great protection against wind and rain.

My Top Cycling Waterproof Jackets

Here is my top pick of the cycling waterproof jackets I have seen out on the internet, these are in no particular order;

1. Castelli Idro 2 Cycling Jacket


This brand is one of the top leading brands in the cycling community, their products are always world-class quality. This jacket is very light and very compact. It provides so much protection for saying how light it is, weighing at only 107g! It is made from patented Gore-Tex material and is so easy to fold down to fit into a backpack ready for the just in case emergency rain protection.

The only downside to this jacket is the price, it is a very expensive jacket for commuting so this one is down for those who have a big budget or the more professional cyclist.

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2. Altura Microlite Showerproof Jacket


This is another waterproof cycling jacket which can be easily packed down into a bag for emergency use. This is a thin waterproof jacket so should only be used in light showers and if using in the cold, make sure you have plenty of layers underneath to keep warm.

This jacket is a lot lighter on budget as well, so for those who want a jacket to just keep packed away on the move as a “just in case” then this would be an ideal cycling jacket.

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3. Gore Active Shell Jacket


This is a highly breathable waterproof cycling jacket with a looser fit for when you want to pack on some layers underneath in the winter. There is also a hood which you can fold away in the collar and also features adjustable cuffs.

These are available in different colours so even if your looking for fashion, you can find the right colour for you.

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4. Mountain Warehouse Adrenaline Mens High Visibility Jacket


This jacket isn’t cycling specific, it can be used for cycling, running and walking, so this would be an ideal waterproof jacket to have if you find that you do a lot of running and walking as well as cycling.

There is a hood which fold away into the collar, also the cuffs are adjustable. This jacket is good value for money, especially if you do more outdoor activities than just cycling.

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5. Polaris Fuse Cycling Jacket


If you have a decent budget you want to spend on a waterproof jacket, then this could be the ideal one as the quality of this jacket is excellent providing waterproof protection and breathable, equivalent to what you would be paying in the 3 figures, as long as you don’t mind a little bit of bulk.

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Which One Do You Like Best?

It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on these jackets and feel free to comment below on which one you like best or maybe you have a review of your own? Or if you need some advice or any questions regarding waterproof cycling jackets, start a discussion.

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10 thoughts on “Best Cycling Waterproof Jacket – Keep Dry And comfortable”

  1. Hey great article. I Live in the UK and its raining here all the time. Instead of not cycling in the rain I can get the right jacket to cycle in the rain. Its so important to stay safe especially when cycling during the rain. This is much needed information for me.

    1. Thank you Aaron, yes here in the UK it’s rare that it doesn’t rain!! You’re right it is important to be safe too when it’s raining as visibility can be more restricted so it’s important to wear some kind of reflective clothing.

  2. Informative post!
    I like the look of the Castelli Idro 2 Cycling Jacket because it looks sleek and I like that it is so lightweight. Certainly sounds like it could be great for racing or wanting to be as fast as possible.
    I like to cycle 3 to 4 times a week to get a good aerobic workout.
    High visibility for a jacket is definitely so important. There are a lot of people who cycle in my area and it is so much safer to have an easier to see jacket with good reflectors.
    Thank you for the useful information!

    1. Thank you Jesse, yes that is a very nice jacket if the budget allows you! The waterproof jacket I currently have is bright yellow as I do go on some poorly lit roads. That’s a good amount of cycling to do a week too. Need any help with anything let me know.

  3. Great informative article, I’m not doing any cycling right now but I am outside walking with our dog quite a bit so the Mountain Warehouse jacket is the most appealing to me. We moved from the Pacific Northwest last year to somewhere not quite as rainy, but we still understand the importance of staying warm and dry while outside in the rain.

    1. Thank you for your comment Emily. It’s a good thing that you have managed to move to somewhere less rainy! Wish I could do the same. But yes that jacket would make a great waterproof walking coat.

  4. I also live in the UK, and it certainly does rain a lot! I love the jackets you recommended, especially the high visibility one. I don’t cycle but like walking. This is ideal for dark and rainy winter evenings. As a driver, it’s far easier to spot cyclists in a jacket like this! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great, detailed information on waterproof cycling jackets. I also appreciate your recommendations as to the best ones to buy. I have spent some days on the bike in inclement weather, and really wished I would have had a good waterproof shirt or jacket with me. Any road racer or weekend cyclist can benefit from this information. Thank you for sharing. Tom

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