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So you may have experienced riding in the wet and cold and you can feel the water slowly leaking through your cycling shoes, through to your socks, then soaks through to your toes and before you know it, your whole feet are freezing, wet and uncomfortable, right? All you can think about is that you still have a long ride to go, you’re beginning to regret getting on the bike and can’t wait to get home and take off those wet shoes and socks and get warm, which then puts you off riding in the wet and cold again? This is where you wish there was something you could buy to prevent your feet going through that again so you can get back to enjoying your rides in all weather conditions, there is, overshoes! So here I am going to write about what these are and list what I think are the best winter cycling overshoes you can buy on the market.

These are something I never considered in my early days of riding, until I saw on the club rides, people had these covers over their shoes, even if it was dry but freezing, they had these, so I got talking to them and asked what the hell are those things!

Once I found out about them, I was straight on the internet to invest in a pair of these cycling overshoes and when they arrived I could wait to get out in the cold and wet to test them out and wow, what a difference they made! My feet didn’t get wet one little bit, and what a great feeling not to get the frost bite feeling in my toes. I could finally start to enjoy the winter seasons on my rides and nothing could stop me!

What Are Cycling Overshoes?

Cycling overshoes are basically a cover that you slide over your cycling shoes as a protective cover against wind and rain (if you buy waterproof ones). Standard cycling shoes are designed to be comfortable and breathable to enable some air to your feet while they get all sweaty, especially during the summer months.

Of course cyclists don’t want to have to invest in buying any other cycling shoes to get through winter, What_Are_Cycling_Overshoesand at the same time they don’t want their feet to be freezing, wet and uncomfortable but want to be able to cycle all year round. So this was where cycling overshoes were invented, simple easy to fit lightweight overshoes which you just pull over your standard cycling shoes, almost like a sock and there you have it, your standard cycling shoes have now become winter shoes or wet weather shoes.

Cycling overshoes aren’t designed only for the wet weather, you can get overshoes designed just to keep your toes warm that are windproof and not made of waterproof material.

They can be strange looking things to have on your feet, but its what they do which makes up for the strange look and how much more comfortable you will feel in the cold and wet season!

What To Look For

One thing to take into account here is that if you are looking for cycling overshoes which are waterproof, yes you can get waterproof ones, but like most things they aren’t 100% waterproof. Think of these a bit like a wet suit, they will keep the water out and warmth in as long as you are producing body heat, which I am sure you will be when cycling, but if conditions are brutal in terms of weather and you are out in this weather for a long period, eventually water may slightly start to soak through, but this is the case with most waterproof items you buy, so don’t be put off that fact.


Waterproof shoes are usually made from Neoprene, which like I said are just the same material as wet suits, your feet will more than likely sweat more due to lack of breathability, but I’d rather that than have to go through freezing cold toes with the tingly frost bite feeling. Some waterproof overshoes can also be made from Polyurethane which is another waterproof material and these usually have a fleecy inner which can help keep your toes warm and are also a lower cost choice.

These are the materials you want to look out for if waterproof overshoes is what you are after. Just remember though, when riding in the wet with these on, you want to make sure that your tights you are wearing over your boots to prevent any water dripping down your tights and straight into your shoes. As long as the tights go over these then water should run down your leg and straight onto the overshoe.

My Top Pick Of Overshoes

To give you a helping hand in deciding some winter cycling overshoes, I have picked some out that I think could be worth considering i no particular order;



These are pro inspired shoe covers which are ideal for those horrible wet and cold days. Made from thick Neoprene material to provide excellent protection and are also high cut to prevent water running down your leg into your shoes with your tights overlapping

Buy from Amazon UK , Tredz Limited

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Gore have become excellent manufacturers when it comes to cycling wear, especially waterproofs. Now these aren’t as waterproof as other Gore overshoes available, but they will do enough to keep out spray and showers as these are designed more for windproof with a fleece lining.

So these would be a good choice if you do avoid the heavy rainy days and don’t mind the cold days which maybe wet and the odd shower.

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These overshoes are made from 4mm thick Neoprene and have no zip like some overshoes. Extremely waterproof so these may be for you if you find yourself on rides or commutes through the difficult rainy days. They are also thick enough to keep in the warmth on the cold days.

Buy from Amazon UK , Tweeks Cycles , Tredz Limited



These Sealskinz are ideal for road cyclists and commuters in all kinds of weather conditions. They are designed to pull on very easy with their big zip and a loop to pull on. There are also some reflective features on these overshoes to help improve visibility.

Reinforcement of heavy-duty Kevlar on the heel and on the toes will help prevent them wearing out too quickly if you do some walking in them.

Buy from Amazon UK , Tredz Limited

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Many of my waterproof cycling gear is Altura so I felt I had to add some Altura overshoes in here. These feature some reflective features too for extra visibility on the roads. These overshoes feature a large zip on the rear to make them easier to put on and remove.

Buy from Amazon UK , Tweeks Cycles , Tredz Limited

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Which Overshoes Do You Like?

There are so many overshoes to choose from on the market so it really comes down to how much riding you do in the wet or in the cold. If you are a regular commuter then I’m guessing you will want the more waterproof overshoe as who knows how much the weather will change, especially in the UK!!

Check out a wider range of cycling overshoes at Amazon UKAmazon US , Tweeks Cycles , Tredz Limited

It would be great to hear your views on the 5 I have picked out or even mention some of your own by commenting below and start a discussion.

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10 thoughts on “Best Winter Cycling Overshoes – Keep Your Toes Toasty”

  1. What a great post!
    I’ve finally found a solution to preventing numb, soggy, prune like toes after a good cycle…
    I can’t believe how simple it is to stay toasty and warm just by popping these cycling overshoes over my trainers will be!
    Personally, I would go for the Gore C5 WindstoppeR Thermo Overshoes as they will be perfect for the Irish climate of alot of wind and rain!

    1. Hi Gayle, yes they would be a great choice for you in that sense! It is really easy now days to keep warm and dry in the winter and wet with some great kit you can buy. All the technology and research that goes into products is unbelievable.

  2. Great information shared thank you – Amazon AU might would be our choice here – but you gave heaps of great information that make us get motivated to search the Aussie Amazon site now so thank you !

  3. The Sealskinz are actually pretty stylish and cool-looking. That probably means they’re the most expensive. The others look rather like slick socks that you slip over shoes. The concept is genius, although I’d probably just wear warmer shoes – says the unqualified observer.

    1. Thank you Cathy. They are pretty much like pulling on another sock! Only issue with most cycling shoes is that they are designed for breathability so they won’t keep the water out or cold wind. They can be pricey so budget does come into it, but there are some cheaper ones on the market out there if these are something you need but don’t want to spend too much on. Let me know if you need any help.

  4. I love the idea of over shoes! I hate when my feet are cold then my whole body feels cold and I am miserable. I remember the last time I went biking and it was my first winter in the U.S, I was so cold I never went biking again. We are approaching winter, I should really get into these.

    I just have two questions, are they slippery if I have to walk with them on? and, do you think I could use these for other things too other than just biking?

    1. Thank you for your comment Katelyn. Yes they are brilliant to protect those little toes. No these aren’t slippery if you walk in them, they either have nothing under the soles or they have a strip of material around the cleats but it is only fabric material so they are ok to walk in.

    1. Hi Steve, yes these are designed for all cycling shoes with clips. I should have explained the under side of the covers in this post, you will find they have cut outs to allow cleats to be exposed to clip in the pedals.

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