Best Winter Cycling Socks – Keep Those Toes Warm And Dry


As we all know, when winter comes around, our fingers and toes can take a right battering when it comes to hitting the outdoors without correct winter clothing on. On a bike in the winter, as well as your fingers, your toes are right in the firing line for hitting the cold wind and wet so it’s crucial to make sure you have the correct winter gear on, especially for those who do long distance rides. Here in this post, I will list my top picks of the best winter cycling socks you can buy to help keep those toes nice and warm.

There other ways to keep out the cold getting to your toes, such as winter cycling shoes and also over shoes (check out my post on overshoes), but having a good pair of winter cycling socks won’t hurt and only add to the protection.

Why Not Just Wear A Normal Sock?

To many of you, a sock is just a sock right? To a certain degree yes, a normal winter sock is designed to just keep your toes nice and warm with thick material, but a winter cycling sock is designed to not only keep your toes nice and warm, but also to be breathable as you don’t want your toes to become very sweaty whilst riding and therefore end up with a very wet and uncomfortable sock.

Another mistake seen made by many cyclists is that they will double up with socks or use extra thick socks, now the only issue with doing this is that you could end up cutting off blood supply to your toes and then this will just make them numb, again not making your feet very comfortable whilst riding at all.


Winter cycling socks are usually made from synthetic or Marino wool which is a natural occurring fabric.

Marino wool does offer good warmth and insulation against the cold and is very comfortable too. With the addition of a synthetic fabric, this gives the socks better moisture management which helps keep your feet dryer and for longer. Marino is very soft and gentle to the skin so as well as warmth, you will feel a little bit of luxury too.

The Best Winter Cycling Socks

Here is a list of winter cycling socks which I think are the best on the market today.

1. GripGrab Merino Winter Socks


As you may have guessed from the name of these socks, they are made from marino wool which help to keep your feet warm and dry during cold weather conditions. They also feature stretch arch support for a superb fit and extra padded sole insulation for maximum comfort and also reinforced in the heel and toe for added durability.

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2. Fizik Winter Socks


These winter socks are slightly unique with their blend of Lycra and Q-Skin Microfibre. The socks have compression zones and an anatomic design to support the feet, while a seamless construction provides incredible comfort. Weighing just 19g per sock and residing 15cm up your calf, these socks ensure your feet get the best treatment during cooler rides.

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3. Northwave Extreme Winter High Socks


The Extreme winter sock is made using Woolmark, which is derived from Ovine’s hair, considered to be among the best fibres around for warmth so you can be sure that these socks will keep those toes nice and cosey whilst on a cold ride. Made from Merino Wool and polyammide, a fabric termed Woolmark is able to absorb humidity and it’s super warm. Weighing 32 grams and a height of 25cm to provide an extra layer up the lower leg too. They have a reinforced tip and heel for durability and tight knitting for extra comfort and support.

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4. Endura BaaBaa Merino Womens Winter Socks


These winter-ready socks feature merino wool which offers a great warmth to weight ratio and the stretch arch support keeps your feet fresh and the extra-long cuff adds even more warmth. Even when wet, these winter socks will keep your feet warm for a more comfortable ride when the cold weather closes in.

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I believe these winter cycling socks should be the first base layer to think about when it comes to trying to keep your feet warm during the cold weather. They are designed to be a certain thickness to prevent tight-fitting and also made from material to help reduce the risk of your feet becoming wet from sweat.

Please feel free to comment below as I would love to hear what your views are on these winter cycling socks and also which ones you like. Please also feel free to share and follow on your social media.

Happy cycling!!!!

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8 thoughts on “Best Winter Cycling Socks – Keep Those Toes Warm And Dry”

  1. I love to ride my bike around the city, these socks are a fantastic idea to prevent a bad case of foot sweat or cutting the circulation of as you say. Great reviews here! If you have a favorite one that you use, would love to know 🙂 Do you have any information on how to maintain a road bike? Kindest Regards

    1. Hi Will, for me I like the GripGrab socks, plus they manufacture some good quality items of clothing too. I dont currently have information on this site yet about how to maintain a road bike but watch this space. Glad you asked

  2. Hi,

    That’s very interesting. It had never even occurred to me that you could cut off blood circulation if you double up with socks when cycling. That’s definitely not good when that happens … When I lived in Belgium, I was using my bycicle all the time (it’s a bycicle country) but after I left that changed. Not every country is very bycicle friendly, unfortunately … I think I am goin to share your post with my family in Belgium 😉 They could use this info. 

    I like the Fizik winter socks, the combination of lycra and microfiber seems more preferable than wool to me. Is it because of the microfiber that these socks allow your foot to “breathe”?

    1. Hi Christine, basically yes and the Lycra helps with that too just like cycling jerseys. Ah yes if only more countries could be like Belgium and the Netherlands when it comes to cycling it would be a much safer cycling world on the roads. As for cutting off circulation, if you do any sort of activity that can cause your feet to sweat, your feet usually swell up a little so have extra layers on can make them shoes even tighter, every day is a school day so they say lol 

  3. Hello, Thanks for your post.  I am not a cyclist, but I am very picky about my winter socks.  I agree that Merino is the only way to go.  I like my socks to be 100% Merino, because, like you said, it will surely keep your feet warm.  The best part about wool is that it’s warm, even when it’s wet.  I can understand that you would want a wool blend that would wick water away better, because I’m sure heightened activity would make your feet sweat more.  So, to all your customers, your dear writer is correct about the Merino!  Thanks again for the very informative post!  Rhonda

    1. Thank you Rhonda. Good to hear your comment. Yes it’s important for any doing activity to have a blend with merino to avoid getting sweaty and wet feet.

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