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Whether you are looking for a camera to record your epic rides and show off to your mates, or you want a camera to record any unwanted action for court or insurance purposes, then here in the article, I will help you to understand all about these cameras and even list some of the best bicycle helmet cameras on the market today.

These cameras are also sometimes called action cameras, bike cameras or adventure cameras, either way, they are all set out to do the same thing.

They are designed to be small and lightweight so that you pretty much don’t realise you even have a camera on you!

You have probably seen cyclists posting videos online on YouTube or social media showing off their skills and rides or even naming and shaming other road users that are a danger to cyclists, whatever the reason, these high quality cameras will catch what you want.

Why Buy A Helmet / Bike Camera?

As mentioned above, sharing your experiences with friends on social media or off your phone is becoming hugely popular! maybe you want to become the next big cyclist you tuber, why not!


Or maybe you are a serious commuter and you are fed up of the stupidity of other road users who just don’t think about us cyclists or even care, then these cameras can help support your case should you ever be involved in an accident and use the video evidence in court, just like car users using dash cams, if it ever went that far!

What To Look For In Cycling Camera

As you can imagine, when looking to buy one of these cameras for your bike, there are some things you need to look out for before splashing your cash. Here are the main things to look for in a bicycle camera;

Recording Quality

This can be confusing to many people when researching video quality on cameras regarding pixels and resolutions but here I will list a couple of examples to make the numbers seem more understandable;

720p consists of 1280 x 720 pixels so over 900,000 pixels.

1080p consists of 1920 x 1080 pixels, so just over 2 million pixels.

4K consists of 3840 x 2160 pixels, so over 8 million pixels.

Basically, the more pixels, the better quality of the video but the better quality video available on the camera, means the cost of the camera can be more and it’s also important to know that the better quality video, means it will take up more memory space on your camera or SD card.

Video Looping

This feature on cameras allow the camera to record constantly whilst running, even if you run out of memory space.

What happens is that when you run out of memory space, the camera will start to overwrite the oldest video on the memory card, basically starting the memory card all over again.

This is a very useful feature for those that want a camera for the just in case incidents as you will not need to worry about recording stopping, ensuring you have captured everything on your ride.

Size And Weight

Of course with all cycling gear, the size and weight factor come into it. This can really depend on where you plan to mount your camera, like for example, if you want a helmet camera, this would need to be small and lightweight so that it doesn’t add any strain or restrictions to your head movement.

At the same time as thinking about the size and weight, you need to think about the battery life. A small light camera may only have a shorter battery life compared to a slightly bigger camera.

Battery Life

As mentioned above, battery life is different across many cameras but you have to factor in the size and weight of the camera too, almost like a balancing act, so it’s important to choose a camera that suits your needs.

For those that go on long regular commutes, battery life is of course more important over size and weight compared to those that just want to capture key moments on their rides.


You need to think about where you plan to have your camera, either on your bike on the handle bars or your helmet which are the popular positions, or some have their camera facing backwards on their seat post to capture what’s going on behind them.


There are mounts you can buy as an accessory for some cameras such as chest mounts where you can strap the camera to your chest. This option would be most popular for those who want to video the off-road trails mountain biking.

Some cameras will include mounts but if they don’t then make sure you budget separate for a mount otherwise it will be no use to you.


Like nearly every piece of technology you buy in this day in age, some cameras will have apps you can download to smart phones or tablets to enhance using the camera and making it easier to use.


These apps can allow you to access many settings for the camera, or even stream and download your rides straight to your phone, or some apps may allow you to do some editing with your videos before posting them on social media to show off to your friends.


Most cameras will come with a 12-month manufacturers warranty, this I believe is important and piece of mind after spending your hard-earned cash on a camera and the last thing you want is to find there are problems with it. At least with a warranty, many places will be able to swap the camera for a new one if there were any issues.

The Best Bicycle Cameras

Here I have picked out the best bicycle helmet / action cameras on the market.

1. GoPro HERO 7 Black Action Camera


It’s no surprise to see a GoPro in this list as they are one of the top manufacturers in terms of action cameras. One of the good things about the GoPro is that you can buy so many accessories for it to enable you to mount it wherever you want.

Because they are so small, light and compact, they are a popular choice to use as a helmet cam.

Here is a list of the key features on this camera;

  • 12 Megapixel
  • 4K60 1080p240 Resolution
  • Waterproof to 33ft (10m)
  • Voice Control
  • Touch Screen
  • 8x Slo-Mo
  • GPS
  • HDR
  • Hypersmooth Video
  • Live Streaming

Here is what you get inside the box;

  • HERO7 Black Camera
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • The Frame (HERO7 Black)
  • Curved Adhesive Mount
  • Flat Adhesive Mount
  • Mounting Buckle
  • USB C Cable

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2. Cycliq FLY12


As you can see with this camera, it also features a 600 Lumen front light which has 3 modes. Because of powering a light as well as the HD camera, the battery in this camera is fairly large but it can last up to 8 hours and only takes around 2.5 hours to fully charge.

Here’s the list of specifications for this camera;

  • Video Resolution 1080p at 30 fps, 1080p at 60 fps, 720p at 60 fps, 720p at 120 fps
  • Field of View 135 degrees
  • Video Format MP4, records 5, 10 and 15 minute segments
  • Image Stabilisation 6 axis image stabilisation
  • Light Power 600 lumens with various dimming settings
  • Weight 195 grams / 5.5 oz
  • Battery 4200mAh, 15.96wh (up to 8 hours life) with 2.5 hours fast recharge time
  • Port USB-C to charge and connect to PC and Mac

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3. Olfi One.Five Black Edition Action Camera


A camera that won’t hit the money in your pocket too much but yet still has all the key features you need in an action camera.

Here is a list of features and specs for this camera;

  • Expected Dispatch date 20th November 2018
  • Free 32GB Micro SD Card (limited offer)
  • Break it, Replace it Guarantee
  • 4K Ultra High Definition
  • External Mic Capability
  • 16MP Sony Exmor-R™ Sensor
  • Digital Image Stabilisation
  • 30M Waterproof
  • Weight: 55g
  • Weight with Case: 110g
  • Height: 54mm
  • Height with Case: 78mm

Here is what you get inside the box when you buy;

  • Olfi® one.five Black Action Camera (x1)
  • Carry Case(x1)
  • Lithium-Ion Battery (x1) (Battery Life: Up to 1 ½ hours)
  • Long and Short 90º Connector (x1)
  • Long Screw (x1)
  • Curved 3M Adhesive Base (x1)
  • 1x Flat 3M Adhesive Base (x1)
  • USB Cable (x1)
  • 30M Waterproof Case (x1)
  • Frame Housing (x1)
  • Short Clip (x1)
  • J Clip (x1)
  • Short Screws (x2)
  • Anti-Vibration Plug (x1)
  • Stickers (x3)

As you can see, you get quite a lot of kit included with this camera and they are even offering a free micro SD card too which is on a limited offer so this won’t always be available.

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4. Cycliq FLY6 Connected Edition Light With Built-In Camera


As above, I listed the Cycliq FLY12 with the front light and built in camera, so it would be silly of me not to list their other camera with a rear light. So this camera is perfect for those who also want to video what’s going on behind them as well as in front.

Here’s a list of specs for this camera;

  • Video Resolution 1080p at 30 fps, 1080p at 60 fps, 720p at 60 fps, 720p at 120 fps
  • Field of View 135 degrees
  • Video Format MP4, records 5, 10 and 15 minute segments
  • Image Stabilisation 6 axis image stabilisation
  • Light Power 100 lumens with various dimming settings
  • Weight 110 grams / 3.5 oz
  • Battery 3000mAh, 11.10wh (up to 6 hours life) with 1.5 hours fast recharge time
  • Port USB-C to charge and connect to PC and Mac

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5. SilverLabel Focus Action Camera – 1080p


Looks very similar to the GoPro but this camera is on the lower end of the price scale but yet is still robust and has many features the higher class cameras have.

Here is a list of specs and features for this camera;

  • Records 1080p HD Video
  • 12 MP stills in multiple modes
  • Waterproof up to 30m
  • Multi-language feature
  • Micro SD card slot
  • 900mAh battery
  • Micro USB input/output (included)
  • 2-inch LCD screen
  • 140 degree super wide angle lens
  • Dimensions: 59(h)x41(w)x24(d)mm
  • Video Resolution : 1080P @ 30fps 720 @ 60fps 480 @ 60fps
  • Photo Resolution : 12 MP
  • Field of View : 140 degrees
  • LCD Screen size : 2 inch
  • Battery Capacity : 900mAh
  • Battery Life : Up to 80 minutes (continuous recording)
  • WiFi : No
  • Storage : Micro SD up to 32GB
  • File Format : H.264 MOV
  • Audio : Built in microphone and speaker
  • Water Resistance : Up to 30 metres
  • Included Mounts : Waterproof housing Helmet Mount Frame Mount Bicycle Mount Helmet Straps Adhesive Mounts x 2 Tripod Adaptors

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Is A Bicycle Camera For You?

As you hopefully understand now after reading this article, that these cameras are used for different purposes and can be mounted in different areas of your bike as well as your helmet.


If your someone who does a lot of commuting using the roads, then I would recommend a camera for a “just in case” situation should you ever need to provide any evidence as all of us cyclists know, there are some pretty shocking drivers out there that just don’t have a care in the world!!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this post so please feel free to comment below and also like and share on your social media.

Happy cycling and stay safe!

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10 thoughts on “Bicycle Helmet Camera – Capture The Action”

  1. Hi Lee, I’ve been looking for a bike helmet camera and was pleased to find your article. I’ve now got all the information I need to make an informed decision, thank you.

  2. Haha, I was reading through the article and just waiting for a GoPro to pop up at any time. They’re great cameras from what I’ve heard from my buddies over the past couple of years!

    On a slightly unrelated note, video looping is amazing and I think should be a feature on way more cameras, including phone cameras (mine doesn’t have it). 

    Is bike recording a big deal? Where I live, dashcams are very popular as many people here like to call others out on their driving but I never see bike cams. I guess maybe because most don’t bike in this city.. haha.


    1. Hi Tyson, yes a GoPro will always be around in discussions about action cameras lol. Just like car users are using dash cams, the same reason is why cyclists will use cameras so that they can be used as evidence in a court if anything happened. Or some people just like to show off their rides lol

  3. I have a friend that uses GoPro. I’ve seen the quality of picture, and it’s a very good product to use. He uses it for recording his fishing trips, but you can use it to mount on your helmet too. There are multiple placements for the GoPro. You can strap it to your chest or your head. Attach it to your pocket, or even carry it as a hand held device. I’ve never heard of the Cycliq, Olfi, or SilverLabel, so thank you for providing that information. According to the details that you’ve provided, they seem like great products as well. If I were to buy one of the five listed, it would definitely be the SilverLabel. Again, thank you for the awesome information. You’ve saved me a ton of time in research.

    1. Hi Aaron,  yes the GoPro is great for recording pretty much anything. I have a GoPro but it’s an old one but it’s still a brilliant camera and I have so many accessories for it. Yes the Silverlabel is very similar to a go pro isnt it but on a smaller budget. Need anymore info just let me know.

  4. Hello, I really want to appreciate your effort in putting together this website and writing this article. You would need a complete kit if you want to go cycling. But sometimes when you need to record some events, you must get a helmet camera.. I have the the olfi one black edition. You have brought to light all the features of different products. Thanks

    1. Hi Benny, thank you. There are so many features with the Olfi camera for the price. I imagine it is working brilliantly for you? Do you use it for recording all of your rides on commutes or do you use it to capture key moments on your bike to share with friends? 

  5. Hey Lee, Thanks for writing on Bicycle helmet Camera. I am fond of technology. I never seen bicycle helmet camera earlier. I enjoy your article while reading . You have listed the best collection with featured and their internal information. Your guide is awesome to find a good camera. It help the buyer to take a buying decision. I have found one for me. GoPro HERO 7 Black Action Camera is suitable for me. I will buy this in the coming year 2020. 

    Thanks you Parveen.

    1. Hi Parveen, I have a GoPro myself and I would say they are an amazing little camera and because they are so popular you can buy so many after market accessories for it. I’ve used mine for my bike, motorbike and even on beach holidays to record see life! 

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