Bike Wheel Lights – Night Riding Just Got Safer And Cooler

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I have done a post about bike lights before on this website, but since then I have come across bike wheel lights when I was out one night and saw someone lit up like a Christmas tree!! But I thought, well you certainly aren’t going to miss him out on the road.

They looked fantastic so I had to put a post up about these lights and do my research, after all, safety has to come first and with cyclists being highly vulnerable at night, you want to make yourself known and seen as much as you can to other road users.

About Bike Wheel Lights

On most countries if not all, a cyclist is required by law to have at least a rear light and a front light when riding at night, one of the restrictions with having just a front light and a back light is that those lights become less visible from the side, which is where these bike wheel lights come in, to play a big part in exposure to other road users.

It’s important to know, that bike wheel lights are NOT a substitute for your standard rear and front lights which are required by law. These lights are just additional to increase the chances of being seen on the roads. Wheel lights shouldn’t be used to help you see the road or obstacles, these are purely to help other road users see you, more from a side view, and of course, to look extra cool on the bike! It’s a fact that these wheel lights will turn heads, that’s how eye-catching they are.

The great thing about these lights is that you can get them in may different colours, or even in different patterns! Now don’t be thinking these are just for children, trust me they aren’t, these are great for adults too as well as children! Main thing is, they will increase your chances of being seen and also making you look super cool!

As I said before, some wheel lights are more than just a light, they have patterns when your wheels are turning!

Many manufacturers will sell these single for one wheel, but it would be much cooler to have them on both wheels rather than just one.

These lights simply install onto your wheel hub and have a battery container attached to them via a subtle wire. This will prevent the risk of them tangling up in your wheel spokes.

Things To Check Before You Buy

Before you go ahead and buy a set of bike wheel lights that you like the look of, here’s some pointers to consider before hitting the purchase button;

  • Make sure that the lights are compatible to your wheels. You should be able to find these details on the product description.
  • Most of these lights are waterproof but it is best to check this first, especially if you often cycle in the wet.
  • If weight is high importance, then make sure to look up the weight of these lights. Because these lights are extra weight, they aren’t favoured by many professional cyclists or cyclists that are looking to gain top speed.
  • Many wheel lights come AA or AAA battery compatible, it may be worth purchasing some rechargeable batteries to reduce costs if you think you will be using these lights quite often.

My Top Pick

Now it’s time to check out some of these cool amazing bike wheel lights that are on the market;

1. Monkey Light M232

32 full colour LED lights with an intensity of 200 lumens, 42 Themes and 16 colours with hundreds of combinations. Rugged, waterproof construction designed for daily use in all weather conditions, lasts up to 20 hours on 3 x AA batteries. Hub mounted battery keeps wheel balanced.

Check out the latest prices for the UK

Check out the latest prices for the US

2. Xyemao Led Bike Wheel Lights

Fits 12″ toddler bicycles all the way up to 29″ adult bikes, comes in a full color box that’s perfect for gifting, includes 20 LED bright lights bulbs. Includes batteries so you’re ready to ride, right out of the box and waterproof, durable design.

Check out the latest prices for the UK

Check out the latest prices for the US

3. Rottay Waterproof Bike Rim Lights/ Spoke Lights

Consists of 32pcs of colorful LED lights. It can flash 32 different kinds of patterns, each pattern will be changed every 4 seconds. The pattern is clear and complete when speed up to 20 miles/hour. In automatic mode, the lights only turn on when it is dark out and your wheels are turning; in manual mode, the lights stay on full time. 3 AAA batteries are needed to operate the lights. Can be used on rainy days, the light is fully waterproof.

Check out the latest prices for the UK

Check out the latest prices for the US

4. TAGVO 4pcs Bike Spoke Light

Water and shock resistant, fits almost all kids’ and adults’ bike sizes, material is ABS Plastic+LED, colours are Red, Blue, Green, Multicolour. Dimension of single bike wheel lights:5.04*1.38*0.78 Inches, flash modes: Strobe, Blinking and Solid Powered by 1pc 3V CR2032 battery.

Check out the latest prices for the UK

5. CLOUDWAL Bike Wheel Lights

Suitable for a cycle hub with diameter no more than 35mm, product Size – 95*17mm, Material: High quality PC, 3 switch Model: quick, slow, steady flash. Works with 3*LR44 battery can continuously flash up to 12hours. This light make cycle shows gorgeous and elegant flash effect no matter when riding or stop.

Check out the latest prices for the UK


To finish off with a reminder that these lights are NOT to replace the front and rear lights that are required by law. These are purely additional, optional lighting that can help to make you more visual to other road users.

On top of safety why not give these things a go, give people in the street something cool to look at as you go riding past, as I say, these lights are certain to turn heads!!

Please feel free to comment below regarding these bike wheel lights, it would be great to hear what you think or if you have tried these out before, let me know your thoughts, I will always respond within 24 hours.

Happy cycling!!

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8 thoughts on “Bike Wheel Lights – Night Riding Just Got Safer And Cooler”

  1. I appreciate that you put the different bike lights in order and told us about each different option separately. Thank you for being so precise and simple. This makes it easy for me to understand the difference!
    Great info on the bike lights.

  2. Hi Lee, I really enjoyed the information on bike lights. I really like the Rottay lights….so pretty and like you said….nobody would miss seeing those coming down the street….I’m looking at purchasing a new bike this spring and now I would definitely consider getting myself some of these. Thank you so much for the great information!!!

  3. When I used to ride bike that was about 3 years back I bought a Rottay Waterproof Bike Rim Lights/ Spoke Lights as my bike’s wheel why I bought then was because it’s a water proof and then I like taking ride during winter wow I love it when I ride and the light keep on rolling on my wheel,it makes my bike more beautiful  and unique  thanks alot for this great post I think am gonna get another bike wheel soon with this post have seen thanks alot 

    1. That’s great Rose! They certainly do make you look and feel unique don’t they! People will just see you and can’t help but stop and stare at you as you ride past. The patterns you can get are amazing too. Feel free to let me know if you need any guidance when buying your next set. 

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