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As we should all know that when we exercise, one of the most important things we should do is drink plenty and keep hydrated. Whether you are still researching hydration packs or you already know plenty about them, you will find that Camelbak Hydration Packs are probably the best hydration pack you can buy on the market.

I own a Camelbak myself and used it mostly when I was out on the trails on my Mountain bike and it is one the best things I have bought.

About Hydration Packs

So what are hydration packs? Basically they are a backpack which contain a reservoir or sometimes referred to as a “bladder” inside which you fill up with water. The pack is designed to be snug and not big like a typical backpack. As you can imagine, water can be heavy in large amounts, so you wouldn’t want to be carrying a lot of weight on your back during activities.

They contain a hose which leads from the bottom of the reservoir and usually straps to the shoulder strap near your mouth for easy access. On the mouth end of the hose is a “bite valve” which you have to bite in order to suck the water out. Some hydration packs contain a dust cover over the bite valve to keep it clean and protect it from dirt or dust and some hydration packs are insulated to keep water from being too warm or even frozen.

The whole idea of these hydration packs is so you can take on board some water without having to use your hands, such as having to grab a water bottle. The reservoirs on hydration packs are usually between 1 – 3 litres, even for the bigger packs.

They are mainly used for outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, kayaking and many more. These are sports where your hands maybe busy contributing to your activity so grabbing a quick drink of water would impact this without a hydration pack if you had to reach for a bottle.

The reason I mainly use mine for Mountain Biking rather than Road Biking is because when I am on the trails, the terrain is always changing, bumpy and challenging and when I need a drink, I don’t really want to be riding one handed while taking on some water using a water bottle or have to keep stopping. With the hydration pack, I just simply get the tube in my mouth and suck in some water while both hands are on the bars and managing to keep riding and focusing on the trail and challenges ahead. On my road bike, the roads are fairly steady so it’s easy to just reach down for your bottle and take fluids on board with just one hand on the bars.

Importance Of Keeping Hydrated

Hydration is one of the biggest safety points during exercise you should know. Hydration is about giving you body the right amount of water needed before, during and after any activity. This is extremely important whether your a professional athlete or a beginner, you are human, your body needs water!

Water regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints, as well as helping to transport nutrients around the body. If you are not hydrated, then you may start to experience dizziness, headaches, muscle cramps, feeling tired and any other serious symptoms.

This may sound a little disgusting but its to do with health so I am going to say it anyway, a good way to see if you’re hydrated is by checking the colour of your urine, yes that’s right! If your urine is colourless or light yellow, then that’s a good sign that you are hydrated, but a dark yellow or amber colour could mean you are dehydrated.

Knowing how much to drink during exercise is different amongst us all as we all have different sweat rates but it also comes down to how long you are exercising for, the environment in terms of heat and humidity and how hard you exercise.

Although some water is extracted from the food we eat, you should be looking to drink around 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day but of course you need to increase this if you are exercising.

During exercise, a water loss of 1-2%of our body weight can impair performance by around 10-20%!

Best Camelbak Hydration Pack 2019

Here are some of the best Camelbak Hydration packs on the market at the moment;

Camelbak M.U.L.E


One of the longest best-selling Camelbaks. It has a narrow-gauge design that keeps it light and maneuverable, so even when it’s fully loaded for a day of mountain biking, it won’t get in your way. Features a magnetic tube trap that snaps easily into place, so you can hydrate without taking your eyes off the trail.

Click here for U.S

Camelbak Mini M.U.L.E For Kids


This pack has grownup features, 1.5 liters of water, a bike tool organizer pocket, and zippered compartments for layers and essentials in a package that fits younger explorers. There is also added reflective strips and a safety whistle to make kids easy to spot on the trail.

Click here for U.S

Camelbak Classic


The name says it all: the Classic is the quintessential bike hydration pack, now updated with a Crux reservoir for a faster flow of water. This is actually the one I own myself which I have had for over 6 years now and it’s still going strong!

Click here for U.S

Camelbak ThermoBak


One of the most trusted and well-known minimalist packs, the ThermoBak continues to impress with updated features and technology.

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Camelbak Rogue


The convenience of external fill in a sleek bike pack. Two external pockets for small items like keys, wallet, phone or storage for a shed layer. Also, added are reflective accents to keep you visible on early morning and evening rides.

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Cleaning And Caring For Your Hydration Pack

As you can imagine, the reservoir may eventually need cleaning after so many uses otherwise you will start to get that rubbery water taste coming through the hose which is something you don’t want while riding along gasping for some fluids!

Some people will fill the bladder with flavored juices, now you know for sure that once you have done that, it is going to take some cleaning to get rid of that taste for when you want just water in there (I have done this once before, I stuck to just water after!)

So the best way to care and clean for your Camelbak hydration pack is to use soap and water and dry it thoroughly after every use.

If you find that the reservoir has become smelly or mouldy, here is a cleaning tip;

1. Use hot water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda and mix it inside your reservoir, then hold it up above your head and pinch the bite valve to allow the water to flow out through the hose and stop once the hose is filled. There are also some Camelbak cleaning tablets you can use.

2. Leave the cleaning solution and the reservoir to sit for 30 minutes.

3. Wash the reservoir with hot water and mild soap making sure to rinse away any cleaning solution completely. There are Camelbak cleaning kits available also which contain brushes.

4. Then be sure to air dry the reservoir so that there is no moisture at all as this is what can cause mould.

Cleaning kit available on Amazon.

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Makes Perfect Sense To Own One Right?

I believe these are a brilliant piece of kit to own for your adventures even for the useful pockets on them as well as the reservoir itself. It surely makes sense to own one of these especially out for long days and they are so convenient.

Camelbak has got to be the best brand for a hydro pack in my eyes. They have been on the market for so long and I guarantee you will see almost everyone who owns a hydro pack out on the trails, it will be a Camelbak!

See a list of more Camelbak Hydration Packs at Amazon.

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18 thoughts on “Camelbak Hydration Pack – Stay Hydrated”

  1. Interesting post!
    Staying hydrated is so important and using a Camelbak while riding makes perfect sense to me.
    I like the part where you talked about the tips for cleaning the Camelbak because they all sound fairly easy to perform and will keep it from getting too dirty.
    Thanks for all the helpful information!

  2. I absolutely love the idea of this. The bags are classy and stylish and it is much much easier than drinking from a bottle. I would really love to get one when I decide to go on an adventure, climbing mountains or long-distance cycling.

  3. Even the name suggests that this company is the best one. I agree with you, hydration is a must, especially when cycling or doing other outdoor activities. I usually carry a backpack with a bottle of water and other stuff, but this is a better, much better solution.


  4. I absolutely love my camel back! I am not a big cyclist, but I use it every time I hike so I can either keep my hands free or hold on to my dog’s leash. These are some new models since I have shopped for one. And yes, cleaning is very important! Thanks for the article!

    1. Thank you for your comment Ashley. They are brilliant pieces of kit. Yes they can be on the pricey side but they last a long time as long as you look after them and keep them clean.

  5. Great review!
    I am so glad that these products exist. Trying to drink from a water bottle while riding a bike can be perilous!

    I have just started looking into these packs because my friends want to go kayaking more and more lately.

    I want a pack that holds enough water as well as food and items needed for a day trip.

    Which pack would you think is mid-range in size with a decent sized reservoir for water?

    1. Thank you for your comment. It really depends, there is usually options for different size reservoirs that you can buy. Of course the bigger the reservoir the less space you may have for other items. They are mainly designed just to carry water and then some small essentials like little tool kits or maybe energy bars not as such big food items. Remember these aren’t your normal back pack, they are purely for hydration and designed to be small and compact during activities. In terms of which pack, I found it’s more to style and budget and how many little pockets you feel you need. Hope that helps.

  6. Thanks Lee. This was very informative and when I decide to buy one I will definitely go with the Camelbak. i have always just used a bottle but they are inconvenient.

    Thanks again

    1. Hi Michael, thank you for your comment. Yes the Camelbak is definitely on top of the market in terms of hydration packs and I certainly recommend them over water bottles 🙂 any help needed let me know.

  7. Dear Lee
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to make towards their healthy and amazing hobby – cycling. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

  8. Thank you so much for the great information Lee. I do a lot of running and walking in the summers and it gets hot here. I have never really been able to find a water bottle that’s comfortable to carry the whole time. Regardless of how light it gets, it still gets annoying after a while. I have seen these for a while and they always looked like something I could really use. Didn’t know too much about them until now and I can definitely say I’ll be in the market for one come next summer. They look very convenient. This has been super helpful and I really like the look of all the ones you posted! Thanks again.

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