Castelli Alpha ROS Jacket review – The Ultimate All Weather Cycling Jacket


There’s no question about it, but when it comes to cycling clothing, Italian brand Castelli are up there with the top manufacturers for cycling clothing. Here we will take a look at a jacket which Castelli claims to be the ultimate jacket which you can wear during dry weather conditions as well as for the wet weather conditions all in one! Continue to read this Castelli Alpha ROS jacket review here to find out more on how they have made this possible!

Like many top manufacturers out there, Castelli really do focus their efforts on the development of their products, listening to what customers like and dislike.

The Castelli Alpha ROS jacket is a development from the original Alpha jacket which was a popular dry weather jacket by keeping the same features, but adding material to help this jacket become water resistant. The aim here was at those who really don’t like the thought of having so much dry gear and then another load of gear for wet weather, taking up too much space in their wardrobe or even added costs.


Let’s take a look at some materials that make this jacket which Castelli say is the best on the market.

There is a two piece construction to this jacket. The outer layer is made from Gore’s new Windstopper light rain-resistant membrane and DWR treatment, bonded to a fleece inner lining that covers the core.

They say they have basically made this jacket essentially waterproof while not compromising the characteristics that made it such a great dry-weather jacket.


With the outdoor industry traditionally determining what counts as waterproof being a minimum of 10,000mm water column and complete seam taping, Castelli said that this definition compromises too much in the overall usage of the jacket in the softness, fit and the overall ability to keep you dry and comfortable by maximising breathability.

So Castelli invented their very own definition of what they call “real-world usability” and put this jacket to the test in very bad wet conditions.

Here, Castelli admit that some occasional drops did get through a seam, but insist you will stay dry and warm because the jacket keeps nearly all the water out from the outside whilst letting most moisture out from the inside.

Jacket Features

Here are some features on this jacket;


  • Double front opening to defuse the cold air when you open up to ventilate.
  • Flat wrist and waist openings.
  • Articulated collar.
  • Deep easy to reach rear pockets.
  • Zipped front pocket.

You can also buy this jacket in many colours too to suit everyone’s preference.

People’s Review

With this jacket containing a very high price tag in the region from £275, of course it’s vital you will want to know what other people are saying who have tried or own this jacket themselves. Here I have pulled together some reviews for you both good and not so good;


  • One customer has said that this jacket really lives up to Castelli’s standards and that they are sized very small so to go for the size up from what you would usually buy. They gave 5 stars out of 5.
  • Another good review from a customer said that the even though the price is very high for this jacket, it is an absolute steal and were blown away by the performance in very harsh conditions. This customer also revealed that they tried this jacket out in temperatures between 4 and 8 degrees with a merino base layer on with varying levels of wind and rain and at no point felt any of the wind or rain and never felt cold, 5 stars out of 5.
  • The wind proofing on the jacket is excellent, said another customer. This person tried the jacket in light rain conditions which they said no drops leaked through but they can’t wait to test it out in more severe rainy conditions. They also said they rode in this jacket for 6 hours and didn’t once sweat and just unzipped at the front to keep cool while the inner layer helps to keep you warm. 5 stars out of 5.


  • One customer who usually buys Large in a jacket was disappointed to find that the size Large was way too small for him. They had to re-order an XXL so warned to be careful of sizing. They gave the jacket 3 stars out of 5.
  • This jacket is great for low intensity riding, but when you up the tempo, sweat begins to build up inside the jacket and leads to that clammy feeling said one customer who gave the jacket 2 stars out of 5.

There are so many reviews about this jacket out here on the internet that I could’ve been here for days!

Even thought there are some negative reviews out there, I have to admit, it was hard finding some as most of the reviews you come across are giving this jacket great reviews!

Many of the negative reviews seem to be more on the fact that the sizing of the jacket is on the small size.

Below I have attached Castelli’s sizing guide.

Click Image To Enlarge

Where To Buy

You can buy this jacket from many places online, some of these places even offer you finance if the jacket is what you really want but just don’t quite have the cash to fork out in one go, so here’s a list of where you can buy this jacket;

Tweeks Cycles

Tredz Limited

Amazon UK

Amazon US

My Verdict

As I said earlier in this review, there aren’t many reviews you can find which put this jacket down in terms of quality and performance, many of the reviews are positive about this jacket and it isn’t surprising with Castelli’s reputation for quality and durability.

A cycling jacket can be one of the items of cycling clothing you can invest a high amount of money, for me this jacket is one to add to your cycling wardrobe. Castelli are trying to focus their efforts on bringing together wet and dry weather jackets into one to save you from needing to buy separate.

If your budget allows you or you don’t mind finance, then I would give this jacket a go!

I hope you have enjoyed this review, I would love to hear your thoughts on this jacket in the comments below and also please feel free to like and follow on your social media channels too!

Happy cycling!!

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