Cycling Arm Warmers – Should Be Part Of Your Cold Weather Armoury

When the weather is starting to take a big drop in temperature, cycling arm warmers are definitely something you would want to help keep those arms warm and dry throughout your ride.


Arm warmers can be a very useful piece of your cycling clothing in terms of the fact that they are easy to put away if you decide you no longer want or need to wear them while you’re out on a ride as they are easy to remove and just roll or fold up to put in your bag or jersey pockets.

One of the main reasons why cyclists choose to wear arm warmers is so that they can continue to wear and show off their favourite jersey instead of wearing a jacket. Of course this is when the weather isn’t severely cold or wet.

They can also be used as an extra layer for your arms under a jacket to provide extra warmth.

My favourite thing about arm warmers, just like with leg warmers too, is that when you’re going out on a ride in the morning when it is a little chilly, you just slide them on, then as it starts to get a little warmer throughout the day and you decide you no longer need them, then you just slide them off and put them away.

It can be the same the other way around too, where you head out on a ride not needing them, but you can take them with you in your pockets or bag as a “just in case” option if you decide later on you need them.


Most arm warmers are made from an insulating fabric which is slightly thicker than the usual Lycra and jersey material which is called Roubaix.

Roubaix is a fleece backed Lycra which traps the air against your skin to help keep you warm. There is also “Super Roubaix” which is a thicker and warmer version of the standard Roubaix.


Arm warmers can also be made from knitted fabrics too such as Merino wool or polyester for maximum warmth and luxury. These materials are thicker and warmer than Roubaix and if they are knitted in one piece, then there isn’t any seams, which many cyclists prefer as they can find seams annoying and uncomfortable.

Available on the market these days are water-repellent fabrics for arm warmers that can help to keep you dry, but note that these are good to keep out the damp and not if it’s actually throwing it down as eventually they will start to let water through.


As with all cycling clothing, getting the right size for you is important, too loose and the arm warmers won’t perform how they should and will keep slipping down your arm and probably just become wrist warmers! But too tight, and they can cause comfort issues and effect blood circulation causing pins and needs down your arm and leaving you with numb hands.

Arm Warmer Size

Of course the length of the arm warmers is also important as too short and you will end up with the chill hitting where the gap is on your arm, too long, and you will end up with the warmer bunching up around your wrist causing comfort issues.

When you are trying out warmers for size, look out for any fold in the bend of the elbow.

Some warmers are just a tube of fabric that you just slide onto your arms, and some are tailored to accommodate the bend in the elbow.

Watch out for warmers that have many crisscrossing seams, as these seams can be uncomfortable for many cyclists.


Leg and arm warmers mostly use silicone strips that grip against your skin to keep them in place. Many arm warmers also have silicone strips on the outside too so that they also grip against your jersey sleeve for extra support to keep them in place too.

Top Cycling Arm Warmers

Here is my list of the best cycling arm warmers on the market today, in no particular order;

Castelli Nano Flex 3G Arm Warmers


The Castelli Nano Flex 3G Arm Warmers are rain repellent, windproof, warming and luxuriously comfortable, this latest evolution of the Nano Flex technology is Castelli’s best yet.

The Nano Flex 3G fabric used across these arm warmers utilises a combination of newly updated durable water repellent (DWR) treatment and mechanical heat treatment to give previously unheard-of levels of rain protection. Light rain beads off the fabric, keeping you dry when those inevitable rainy spells descend.

On the inside of the Nano Flex 3G fabric, a super soft finish and the optimal loft have been achieved through Castelli’s meticulous research and development.

Buy now at Tweeks Cycles , Tredz Limited , Evans Cycles , Amazon UK , Amazon US

GripGrab Classic Arm Warmers


Using a breathable brushed fleece fabric, the anatomical fit and silicone elastic grip ensures that these arm warmers stay in place and provide maximum comfort.

Key Features – Insulating and breathable functional fabric, silicon elastic on top edge, flat-lock seams, build-in reflection, polyamide 85%, elastane 15%

There are also reflective logos to increase visibility and safety in low light conditions.

Buy now at Tweeks Cycles , Tredz Limited , Wiggle US , Amazon UK 

Endura FS260 Pro Thermo Arm Warmers


Designed to keep you warm and the worst of the water off, with as little fuss as possible.

The FS260-Pro arm warmers will extend the use of your favourite short sleeve jerseys well into the winter.

Though they will keep you as warm as long sleeves, they also have the added flexibility to be removed at any time, should you get too warm.

Buy now at Tredz Limited , Evans Cycles , Wiggle US 

Polaris RBS Arm Warmers


If visibility is very important to you, then these Polaris arm warmers would be great as they seem to like their bright colours.

Key features – Brushed back fabric for comfort and warmth, bright colourway for increased visibility, reflective print logo and stripe and Silicon gripper at upper arm for optimum fit.

Buy now at Tredz Limited , Amazon UK

Add Arm Warmers To Your Winter Tool Kit

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and have gained a better understanding of what they are and how they work.

I really believe that these arm warmers should be part of all cyclists winter tool kit. Just like leg warmers, these are so easy to remove and put on and also to store away in jersey pockets or a bag so why not for that “just in case” moment.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these arm warmers in the comments below, maybe you would like to let me know your experience in using them.

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Happy cycling!!

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8 thoughts on “Cycling Arm Warmers – Should Be Part Of Your Cold Weather Armoury”

  1. I like the Polaris model for its color, I do ride on busy roads at times and the extra visibility will be a help to keep the cars from hitting me.
    How thick would this be when removing it to put in my bike bag on the handlebars, it is not very big.
    Thanks for the information on these arm warmers.

    1. Hi John, thank you for your comment. They will fold or roll up quite nice and tightly to fit into your bag with no problem what so ever. Yes i agree that the Polaris arm warmers would be best in terms of visibility for you with you being on busy roads.

  2. Hey thank you for the awesome post!  This post is perfect for people like me who like to cycle even in the cold weather!  I really like the looks of most of these warmers but my favorite has to be the Polaris RBS Arm Warmers, because they offer good visibility for people like myself, who bike in the morning time and on curvy roads.  Thank you for sharing these!

    1. Thank you Jessie. Yes the Polaris is a popular choice for those who cycle in poor lighting conditions because of their bright colours, they certainly will make you stand out that’s for sure!! 

  3. hi, I know from experience at my work, when you are travelling at higher speeds, the cold air will feel even  colder.  I personally am dressed in a lot of Arctic gear in my work, and I noticed that even the smallest tear in my clothing well easily make my day a lot worse. And I will become a lot colder. I can see as a bicyclist, that you would be sweating, which would even make you colder.

    1. Hi Jake, that is true about making you cold when wet and sweaty, but thank you to the materials used nowadays, they draw the sweat away from the body to keep you dry so these are perfect. 

  4. I prefer the GripGrab Classic Arm Warmers. I do like cycling. although I am not like those really serious cyclists who get so angry at me when they meet me on the road because I am just cycling like an old woman lol. In my opinion, Nothing beats that wave of fresh air and taking in the sites as you also get your daily requirement of exercise. But in the winter it’s not fun, so a good pair of arm warmers, is exactly what I was searching for on Google when I landed on your website.

    As you mentioned in your article, the arm warmers give you the flexibility of just sliding them off if you feel too warm, so that is why I prefer them rather than a long-sleeved jersey.

    Very helpful indeed.


    1. Thank you Rose. Well you don’t have to be a die hard cyclist to enjoy the views and the ride at all sp you do your own thing :). They are so convenient and simple so why not go for arm warmers. 

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