Cycling Gloves For Winter – Survive The Cold Season


As summer is coming to an end, it will soon be time to start thinking about investing in items which are going to keep you warm and dry through the winter season so you can keep up with your commute, sport or hobby. Cycling gloves for winter are certainly a must for these cold times!!


I’m sure we have all been there as a child on a bike riding in the streets with the cold wind hitting our knuckles and finger tips, struggling to feel for the brakes and change gears! Imagine trying to go through that on a long distance ride out with your fellow cyclists or even on your own, your not going to get far or you certainly won’t enjoy it!

In the winter days, the cold is tough on our hands especially combined with the rain, so it’s important to have a good decent pair of warm waterproof gloves to keep you striving through these horrible times. Besides comfort, you need to keep you hands and fingers dry and warm to coordinate with braking and gears, that would be the last thing you would want to happen out on a ride, quickly needing to shift gears with a sudden incline or even worse, the need to brake sharply should any surprises jump out on you!

Buyers Guide To Winter Cycling Gloves

During these cold times, your hands are usually the first part of your body which will feel the cold first, so it’s essential that the winter gloves you buy are waterproof, breathable, insulating and windproof.

Yes you can wear any winter waterproof gloves on your bike, but these gloves need to be fit for the purpose of riding and controlling your bike too. Ski gloves would be brilliant, but they are designed for much colder climates so your hands would start to sweat and feel uncomfortable. Your hands have to do a lot of work for you on the bike, holding on, signaling, changing gears and braking, so gloves that keep them warm and dry without compromising their ability to these things is important.


Gloves need to be snug, not too big and loose and not so tight that they cut off your blood circulation, then you will have problems!

They usually come in sizes such as small, medium, large, extra large, but it is probably worth getting down to a shop and trying on different brands and sizes as a medium size with one brand could be a slightly different fit to a medium in another brand. Once you have an idea of the brands and sizes, get back online and look for the ones you want at the price that suits your budget.

How To Keep Your Hands Warm On The Ride

Here are a few tips to help keep your hands warm in the winter months while riding:

1. Make sure you pick the gloves that are right for your ride. As tempting as it might be don’t go for the everyday luxury winter gloves, these will restrict your hands ability to control the bike. Cycling specific gloves are designed to tackle the cold, wet and winds and keep your hands ability to do what they need to do on the bike.

2. Shake your hands off now and then on the bike. Riding along on the bike in a certain position can sometimes limit the blood flow to your hands making them limp and numb. When you start to feel this is happening, it’s a good idea to give your hands a little shake by the side of your body for a bit, either stop for a break to do this or if it’s safe, do it while riding to help the blood flow back into your hands and essentially this will help keep them warm too.

3. Keep your arms and body warm too. If your arms and your core start to get cold, guess what, soon your hands will follow despite what gloves you are wearing so this is also important.

Top Cycling Gloves For Winter

Here is a list of some top cycling gloves for the winter in no particular order:

1. Castelli Estremo winter cycling gloves


These gloves are wind and water resistant. They also feature a sticky silicone print on the inside to ensure good grip in all conditions. The lining is made from polarfleece 340G so these will feel warm without feeling bulky.

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2. Gore Universal Gore-Tex Thermo Gloves


These gloves are waterproof and extremely breathable and windproof, contain synthetic leather on the palms for grip.

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3. SealSkinz All Weather Cycle XP Glove

SealSkinz All_Weather_Cycle_XP_Glove

These all weather gloves are breathable and windproof and SealSkinz do have a good reputation keeping people dry in the wettest conditions. They contain a suede wiper material on the thumb to wipe away sweat and there is a conductive patch on the index finger to allow using touch screen devices.

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4. Endura FS260-Pro Nemo winter cycling gloves


A different style of glove that doesn’t suit everyone’s taste but thought it was worth listing these here for those who like to be different. These are constructed from neoprene and are designed to keep moisture out and in, which makes them warm.

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5. Shimano S-Phyre winter cycling gloves


Shimano have used a design of seamless 3D pre-curve. These have plenty dexterity and don’t feel bulky, they also have a nice cuff length to prevent a chill going onto your wrists and up your arm. These probably aren’t the most waterproof though, they will keep out a small amount of water spray, so these would be more for the dry cold winter rides.

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Enjoy Winter Riding

I hope you find this post useful as all of us cyclists love the summer days of getting on the bikes seeing the amazing views and taking in the nice breeze, but unfortunately we have to go through the winter seasons and you don’t want to hang up your bike for 4 months doing nothing.

So making sure you invest in decent quality winter gear will allow you to continue keeping up the rides you enjoy doing!

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4 thoughts on “Cycling Gloves For Winter – Survive The Cold Season”

  1. Great post! Having lived in Alaska for several years and being a biker myself, I can very much appreciate this information! I had a big problem with my fingers and toes getting painfully cold. Thanks for the info!

    1. Wow I could imagine with how cold it gets there. Thank you for your comment. Can’t imagine how painful that must have been on your fingers and toes!! Any help you need just get in touch 🙂

    1. Thank you for your comment John. It can be difficult to find the right balance sometimes between the weight and thickness of gloves as well as keeping your hands warm and dry! But technology now days with what’s on the market is pretty impressive.

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