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There is so much you can buy out there on the market in terms of winter cycling clothing to keep you warm and dry through the blistering cold months. One of these key items that you should invest in as a cyclist, is a cycling neck warmer or sometimes called a “buff” or “gaiter”. As you’re pacing through the cold wind, you want to try to cover most of your skin as much as you can but without over heating as you pedal hard.

Majority of us wear scarfs when we are out and about walking in the winter cold as it’s bad enough just walking into the cold wind and feeling the chill go down your neck into your body, so imagine what it feels like if you was to cycle into it, the wind hitting your neck at speed then down into your body! Yes, not nice at all and it is certainly going to ruin you trying to enjoy your rides through the winter.

This post is going to give you an understanding of what cycling neck warmers are and why they should be part of your winter cycling gear.

What Are They?

A neck warmer that is used for cycling is basically like a scarf, but in a tube design and is an essential piece of clothing to battle against the cold wind during the cold months.

Cycling neck warmers can vary in terms of size, by this I mean some warmers will cover just your neck and chin, then some will cover your neck and your whole mouth and nose, then bigger ones will cover all of these but also your ears. If you have a warmer that covers your mouth, these are usually designed for breathing through and they help you to actually breathe better and also offer protection to your lungs by taking the freezing cold edge off the air.

Buying Guide

Buying a neck warmer for cycling isn’t complicated at all compared to jerseys or bib tights. Cycling neck warmers are usually sold in a one size fits all.

A couple of things to look out for though when it comes to buying a neck warmer is, if you are planning on wearing the warmer to cover your mouth, then make sure the warmer isn’t only good for insulating your neck, but also good for allowing water vapour to escape for when you are breathing.

The warmer should also be made of a good stretchy material to maximise comfort for however you want to wear it.

If you find that when you are using a neck warmer and you start to feel too hot or find you are sweating too much, they can usually be easily rolled up round the neck or as they are not too big, they are easy to roll or fold up and put away in a pocket or bag.

Top Picks Of Neck Warmers

Here is a list of some neck warmers in no particular order for you to check out;

1. Buff Original Neck Warmer

The good thing about Buff Original neck warmer is that there are so many different colour and designs you can choose from.

Features: Polygiene (antibacterial growth) , moisture management, dries quickly, seamless, multi functional.

Sizing: One size fits most adults, measures 52cm x 24.5cm /20.5inches x 9.6inches.

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Seamless 100% Microfibre – Hypoallergenic, No fade or lose elasticity, no itching or chafing : Designed with seamless (trimmed) edges, so they can be worn under your cycle helmet without causing chafing.

Protection from the wind, snow,sun – wicking fabric – Year round accessory, made of high quality specialist technical Microfibre, which means even though they are thin they keep you warm and wick moisture in the summer – A technical baselayer for your head and neck!

One size fits most – Men, Women, Children

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3. MKR Bandoozi Neck Warmer

100% microfibre polyester, this neck warmer is also available in a wide range of colours too.

Because of the material, the bandoozi can be worn in any conditions and can keep you cool as well as warm.

The MKR Bandoozi is super comfortable, lightweight and seamless ensuring maximum comfort.

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4. Arctic Aura Black Storm Multi-functional Scarf

Made from specially chosen material to provide optimum comfort while staying active. Created with no seams and the carefully trimmed edges mean there is no chaffing or rubbing from stitching when wearing.
The breathable material wicks away sweat, leaving you warm and dry.

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5. GORE WEAR M Unisex Neck Warmer

Fast moisture wicking and extremely breathable, made from 100% Polyester, high safety thanks to reflective details, so ideal for those who are out and about often when it is dark.

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I hope this post has given you a better understanding of cycling neck warmers. You will probably see that many of these neck warmers can actually be used as head bands too, so they do serve for multiple things too.

For me personally, these little things are essential for riding in the winter to provide more comfort and keep you warm.

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Have you tried out a cycling neck warmer? Why not post a comment below with a review or your experience using these. Or feel free to ask any questions you might have, I will respond within 24 hours.

Happy cycling!!

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8 thoughts on “Cycling Neck Warmers – Beat The Cold”

  1. Hi, I was really glad to come across this article. I was searching for cycling wear and this article stood out. I was particularly interested, as I ride a lot myself, because so often I get hot or cold above my shoulders (head, ears and throat areas) and have yet to really take action and search for these items you offer.

    So, now I see that I can get what you offer and seems they are versatile enough for moister, heat, sweat, rain and cold. I like that so I don’t have to bring a lot of extra clothing with me.

    Thank you for the article. Now I will just figure out which one to get.

  2. I think one of these neck warmers for early morning bike rides would be perfect! I’ll be honest I didn’t know they existed before reading this post.

    Great information, look forward to getting one.

    All the best


  3. Perfect timing with this review with the cold weather rolling in. All of these neck warmers look good, but is there one that you recommend over the others?

    1. Hi Karen, I would personally go for the Buff original as i have one myself, its thin and lightweight but it does the job brilliantly. All of the others have good reviews too but any help needed let me know.

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