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If you have been out in the wet or in the mud on your mountain bike, then I am pretty sure by now you would have experienced at some point being hit in the face with water and dirt or get that feeling on your back and your back side of a spray hitting you like someone is washing you down, and felt how uncomfortable and annoying it is? Yes this is the point where your mind starts thinking, maybe I should think about investing in some mountain bike fenders.

I have been in that situation many times in my mountain biking trips. Here in the UK where it is pretty much mostly raining, it was always wet and soggy on the trails or even just wet if I was using the roads to cycle to the woods, I would be thinking wow I am filthy and getting a chill thanks to that spray up my back!

I never really thought of having mudguards on my mountain bike as I just thought they wouldn’t last 5 minutes with me hitting the red trails and that they would look a little tacky, so I just kind of put up with it, until I decided to do some research and look for reviews and I actually found they look pretty cool as they aren’t big like on my road bike, and they appear to be very effective after reading some reviews.

So of course I had to give them a try to see if they looked any good and made a difference and see if they last through the red routes.

I couldn’t believe the difference these little things made and adding hardly any weight to my bike! OK, they didn’t stop me getting dirty as you’re always going to get mucky doing off-road trails in the wet, but it stopped the direct spray and splatter going all over me which was what was bugging me!

What Do MTB Fenders Do?

Quite simply, fenders, which are the same as mudguards but smaller for mountain bikes will prevent any direct dirt or spray going all over you while you are cycling in the wet or dirt. As you are cycling along the road/trail in the wet, you will see you get an over spray from your front tyre and from your rear tyre.Muddy_MTB

The front tyre will mostly spray dirt all over your frame when in a straight line, so having a front fender will prevent this from happening, which is more a benefit if you have gear and brake cables running along the frame under there. Front fenders are usually fitted on the front forks above the tyre.

The rear tyre will spray up in the air catching your back side or the person right behind you is going to get a face full of dirt. Fenders for the rear wheel usually fix to your frame or seat post above the tyre.

MTB Fender Buying Guide

Mountain bike fenders aren’t designed to cover most of the wheels like full length and clip on mudguards. Instead, these fenders are designed to sit close to the tyre in just the right place where the dirt is likely to flick up into your face. The rear fenders most often attach to the seat post and are easily adjustable.

One of the things to think about when buying MTB fenders is if you have a full suspension bike, then you need to ensure that when you fit the rear fender, you allow plenty of space between the tyre and the fender for when you are going over bumps.

Front fenders will typically fit on the front forks, when buying these, just make sure that the size of the fenders will fit in the gap between you front tyre and the top of your forks. Most fenders are designed to fit in this gap anyway so you shouldn’t struggle to find the right set for your bike. Another reason for having these fenders on the front is to protect your front suspension from dirt building up which could cause leaking through the seals.

You will find that there are a lot of mountain bikers usually go for just the front fenders and don’t bother with a rear fender, but this is down to personal choice and you could say that out of the two, the front fenders are the more important ones to have.

My Top Pick Of Mountain Bike Fenders

After doing some searching and research on fenders, here is my top picks in no particular order. Also, you might find I have selected many front bike fenders;

1. Crud Crudcatcher Mudguard


Crudcatchers have been on the market for sometime and have a good reputation when it comes to fenders. These come with adjustable fixings for your bike and easy to put on and take off should you not need them for certain days or times of the year.

They might not look anything special but they will get the job done in keeping most of the dirt off your face.

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2. Zefal Deflector FM20


This fender has a 3 point fixing with Velcro straps and zip ties included for attachment. Of course the Velcro would be used if you find you need to remove the fender often, otherwise the other fixing offer a more semi permanent fixing.

These are a very affordable, lightweight and flexible choice which offer an all round protection.

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3. Muckynutz Full Face Fender


This fender is fitted using Velcro straps to attach to the bridge and the stanchions making it easy and simple to fit and remove easily.

It’s elongated, contoured 3D profile provides the most comprehensive coverage yet, following the shape of the wheel to catch anything It may throw up.

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4. Blackburn Barrier Mud Guard


The Blackburn Barrier Mud Guard is a contoured style front fender which bends along the tyre for extra coverage off the front and back of the tyre.

There is also an XL version of this mudguard which you can buy for fat bikes. These are known to be a bit difficult to install and can be a little heavier than other fenders.

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Do I Need Fenders On My MTB?

If you’re a biker that continues to get out there riding no matter what the weather or time of year, then yes I would say you need fenders on your mountain bike. Not only do they help protect you from dirt flicking up in your face, but they also protect your bike from dirt, especially your front suspension forks.

Some of these fenders are so small your hardly going to notice you have them on and some of them are so easy to fit and remove I can’t see why anyone would not even think about having these on their bikes.

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10 thoughts on “Mountain Bike Fenders – Small And Effective”

  1. Hi Lee,

    Very informative article. I have a GT Sensor 2.0 dual suspension mountain bike, and I like to keep all of the rear suspension pivots as clean as possible. I didn’t want a full fender flapping around back there, so I modified this to fit the rear suspension arm. It is at the perfect angle, doesn’t get clogged with mud, and does keep a lot of debris from gunking up the pivot point areas. Sure, it is just a flimsy piece of plastic that you could probably duplicate from a 2 liter Dew bottle, but the fact that it is orange and black perfectly matches my rig (so the cool factor went way up). Plus, it includes a bunch of Velcro to make your own straps to attach it– It is easily removable for cleanup. Looking forward for more such interesting posts…

    1. Thank you Satish. That’s good you have one on your dual sus as the last thing you want is to have to take it all apart to clean it all out and risk breaking it. Little but of plastic that does so much you dont realise. Love the colour too for your bike sounds very smart! If there is anything you want me to post on or review just let me know.

  2. Great idea for the sport. I had no idea these were available as I’ve not seen them on any bikes I’ve been around. Easy installation too.

    1. Thank you. Yes they are a very small lightweight piece of kit but make a lot of difference in the wet and dirt. Helps reduce direct dirt hitting you but also protecting your bike. If there is anything bike related your interested in or need a review on, please feel free to let me know and I’ll look at creating a post for you.

  3. Really informative post, thanks. Particularly useful now given the horrible weather
    In the UK at the moment. I had the same view that fenders would look a bit tacky, also felt that the rattling would annoy me. Saying that I went cycling in Wales the other week and literally there was mud everywhere. These fenders look cool though, hopefully easy enough to put on and clean too.

    1. Hi, yes these are easy to install and remove ad the usually just use some rubber O rings that stretch around your forks or frames. They are fairly easy to clean and mud just washes straight off them. Worth getting a pair at a reasonable price too to try them out.

  4. Hello there! Your article actually makes me want to buy a mountain bike and get a fender for it. Of course, there are no mountain bikes around here. I hope to move to Kentucky someday and there certainly are plenty of mountains there! I need to keep the concept of fenders in mind. Thank you!

    1. Thank you Cathy. You can have a mountain bike anywhere in the world not just for mountains. Anywhere for off road type trails, mountain bikes are good. If it gets wet and muddy then you would want to think about a set of these fenders. If you need any advice feel free to let me know.

  5. Lee,

    Thanks for an awesome article on mountain bike fenders! It makes sense that a product like this would exist. They have them for cars, why wouldn’t they have them for bikes? Of course they do. Your article was very informative and engaging. I learned something new and I might just have to buy me a bike fender. Very good, my friend!

    – Ryan

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