Oakley Cycling Glasses – Cool, Stylish And Protective Eyeware


I’m pretty sure 95% of people who are reading this will know of or heard of Oakley and know that they are the worlds biggest and leading brand and manufacturer of sunglasses. They have been providing the cycling sport with eye wear since they introduced the Eyeshades back in the 1984 Tour De France. Since then, Oakley cycling glasses have set the standards very high in terms of protection and style for us cyclists.

They manufacture glasses tailored around all kinds of uses, casual, driving, skiing, cycling, even prescribed sunglasses. Their range of different styles, designs and purpose is what really makes Oakley who they are today.

I myself own two pairs of Oakley sunglasses, one pair for in the car while driving (eventually when it’s sunny in England!) and also a pair for when I am out on my road bike or my mountain bike. I chose Oakley purely for their reputation on build quality and I love the huge range of different designs.

Why Do I Need Sport Specific Glasses?

If you are wearing eye wear while taking part in sports, it is important to wear specific glasses designed for that certain sport. Reason being is that as well as looking cool and protecting your eyes, they need to be well fitted and supported to your head so that they don’t risk falling off.

You will be able to see the difference between the normal casual glasses or sunglasses and the one made specifically for cycling usually by the frames design and the grip and tightness.

Casual glasses or sunglasses are designed to sit nice and comfy on your head enough so they don’t fall off. Now there is nothing specifically wrong with wearing your everyday casual glasses while riding on your bike, but these don’t usually offer a good coverage of your eyes from debris like cycling designed glasses will so there is a high risk of debris from the surface flicking up and getting in your eyes which is something you definitely don’t want.

It’s important to remember that cycling glasses aren’t just to look and feel cool, they serve as part of your protective wear.

Oakley’s Lenses


Like many manufacturers of sports equipment, Oakley have earned their reputation and are one of the leading brands in eye wear in the world because of their product development especially in their lenses. The different lenses that they have on the market look absolutely amazing, but they haven’t just bought these out to look good, their lenses have been designed with technology and purpose to tailor around your needs which all evolve around protection for your eyes.

Photochromatic lenses – These are lenses which change the colour automatically of their tint levels depending on the amount of sunlight. These lenses do come at a high price, but excellent in changing conditions while out on a ride.

Prizm – These are an Oakley lense technology which is designed to enhance colour and contrast so you can see more detail. Great for spotting any obstacles on the roads or on the trails.

Authentic Prescription Lenses – Select models have prescription lenses available. So if you need a prescription for your Oakley glasses, then these can make sure you get the most out of your eye wear.

Oakley’s lenses are constructed from their Plutonite polycarbonate which is tested against high mass and high velocity impacts.

Oakley Glasses Frames


Oakley use a nylon infused plastic for their cycling glasses which allows flexibility to gently fit around the shape of your head while maintaining comfort and durability.

In order for these glasses to stay on firmly, Oakley use a material which is called Unobtanium material on most of their models. This is the hydrophilic material which gets more grippy when it gets wet and is used on the contact points on the arms of the glasses and the nose.

My Top Pick Of Oakley Cycling Glasses

Here is my top pick of Oakley’s cycling glasses in no particular order;

Oakley Jawbreaker


I put these first as Oakley actually developed these glasses with Mark Cavendish, so you know these must be up there with the top glasses they have on the market.

The Jawbreakers feature adjustable arms which can adjust to the size of your head and also along with any helmet straps running down past your ears.

The lenses on these can be changed with their easy hassle free switch lock, so you can pick which Oakley lense technology you want to suit your needs, whether you need prescription lenses, Prizm, Prizm Polarised, standard or Photochromatic.

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Oakley Flak 2.0


These glasses are designed for any outdoor activity but an excellent choice for cycling. The lenses on the Flaks are smaller than the other Oakley’s cycling glasses so these suit the people who aren’t a huge fan of the big lenses.

The lenses technology available on these are Prizm, HD Polarised and standard.

Only downside for cyclists using these, is with the lenses being smaller, they offer less protection for the eyes in terms of debris with the limited coverage and also visibility.

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Check out the latest prices on Amazon US

Oakley Radar EV Path


These Oakley’s are designed better for those who have smaller face features due to their close fitting to the face. The design of these is to give you maximum peripheral vision by dropping the adjustable arms and half frame construction.

The range of lense technology available on these are Prizm, Prizm Polarised, Photochromatic and standard.

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Check out the latest prices on Amazon US

Oakley Sutro


The Sutro’s are more aimed towards the urban cyclist but they still get used by the racers. These are made from a nylon infused plastic, so they are lightweight and tough against any impacts.

These are another option that are limited to lense options with them only available in the Prizm lenses.

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Check out the latest prices on Amazon US

Oakley Flight Jacket


What an excellent design these glasses are! These are excellent for those riders who ride hard and find that they build up a sweat as these glasses have Oakley’s Advancer feature which provides ventilation to reduce the risk of lenses steaming up.

The lense technology options on these are Prizm, Prizm Polarised, Photochromatic and standard.

These are pro-level cycling glasses with the only downside being that the price tag can be high.

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Check out the latest prices on Amazon US

Are Oakley Cycling Glasses Worth The Cost?

Yes Oakley’s are expensive and a designer brand manufacturer, but the product quality and the lense technology you get with these are fantastic. You have to think, there is a reason why they are the worlds leading eye wear brand and why they are on so many peoples shopping list.

As I said earlier in this article, I own two pairs and with care, these can last years, my oldest pair I have had for over 4 years now and always keep them in their case when I’m not using them.

If you have the money, then Oakley’s are the glasses to go for, but of course there are other alternative brands on the market at cheaper prices. It really comes down to the individual on what you are using them for and budget.

View a wider range of Oakley glasses on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

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14 thoughts on “Oakley Cycling Glasses – Cool, Stylish And Protective Eyeware”

  1. These glasses are cool-looking! Especially the Oakley Jawbreaker. I don’t even own a bicycle, but I’d look cool going for walks with those on. Thanks for sharing. Now I know what to ask for for Christmas. 😀

  2. Hi,

    I already know this brand, but you’ve shown a few here that I haven’t seen for sale.

    I love the Flak 2.0. I’m one of those people who really don’t like wearing big glasses, so I’m tempted with these!

    They look very cool too!

    Thanks again for all the info,


  3. I couldn’t agree more about Oakley, their products are truly superb. I own 2 pairs of sunglasses, both of them are Flak Jackets I believe, and one pair of snowboarding goggles. I’ve had my oldest pair of Flaks for over 10 years and they’ve held up very well with everything I’ve put them through. They certainly aren’t the cheapest, but are a great buy in the long run. It’s great to see how Oakley can provide sunglasses that are tailored to many different activities, great article showing off the glasses for cycling!

  4. Wow, never knew Oakley had so many glasses in their repertoir. I had one of their cycling glasses, but it was long time ago and I do not remember the model. I got it as a gift anyways.

    You got me real interested again. I will look their offer on Amazon.

    1. Yes they do glasses for almost anything outdoor now!! Its almost a case of once you own a pair, then you more thank likely stick with Oakley for your next pair. Certainly worth checking out their stock for sure. Be in touch should you need any help or want a review on certain glasses.

  5. I’m not a cycler but I am a runner and I can see how these would make all the difference in the world. My eyes are also super sensitive to sunlight, so these sunglasses would be well worth the investment. Thanks for the thorough review!

    1. Thank you Virginia. These can be excellent for running too although they do a range of glasses specifically aimed for runners, so they would certainly benefit you if your eyes are sensitive to sunlight. Be in touch if you need some help.

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