Urban Cycling Clothing – For The Every Day Casual Rider


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OK, it’s a fact that of course you don’t have to be wearing all the proper tight cycling gear in order to ride a bike, but there are some casual cycling clothes out there called urban cycling clothing for the everyday commuter who isn’t cycling to gain speed or compete, but just for those riders who use cycling as a mode of transport to get to where ever they want to go.

In this article, I will write about the casual clothes you can wear for those urban cyclists and I will even shortlist some examples of these items of clothing.

Urban cycling clothing is also referred to as “dual-purpose clothing”.

You may be wondering at this point, “why buy urban cycling clothing and not just normal casual clothes?”. That’s understandable why you would be thinking that, but although these clothes appear to be everyday casual clothes, they are tailored and designed to help accommodate the movement on a bike of the rider to make it more comfortable.


As I previously mentioned briefly above, cycling clothing is usually a tight fit as this helps with gaining speed on the bike and helps the rider to be more aerodynamic through the air and wind.

Urban cycling gear is more loose fitting just like normal everyday clothes, when I say loose I don’t mean baggy loose, I’m talking more of a skinny fit as you still don’t want to have too much bagginess or clothes flapping about on the bike.

These clothes are cut and shaped to fit properly for when you’re on the bike, such as jackets and shirts with long sleeves will be cut to fit for when you are leaning forward on the bike holding your handle bars and will be slightly longer at the back just like a cycling jersey so that the shirt/jacket doesn’t ride up your back whilst in this riding position.

Then you have the trousers, which are tailored in a similar way to cycling trousers with them having a high waist band, built in bends at the knees to accommodate you pedalling and strengthened at the crotch to accommodate any wear on the saddle.


As with many of the clever fabrics which are now used in cycling clothing, manufacturers have even put these clever fabrics into urban clothing too! Here I am talking about fabrics that feel like cotton yet they are waterproof and breathable and also stretchy cottons.

One of the popular fabrics used is marino wool, as this is very fine and soft against the skin but it also insulates when wet and doesn’t get as smelly as quick as other synthetics. One of the other materials to check out on the market it sport wool, which marino and polyester and is easier to look after than 100% marino.


The whole purpose for these dual-purpose cycling clothes is that they do not look like your typical cycling clothes you would usually wear on a bike, like Lycra. It’s more about fashion and being able to fit in with the crowd when not riding the bike.


These clothes range from jackets, hoodies, shirts, trousers, shorts and shoes. You could probably find even smart clothing in there for those that are cycling to where they want to be dressed smart.

Below I have picked out some of these dual-purpose clothes for cycling to give you an idea of what’s out there and that I think you may be interested in, there is so much available on the market so I have just picked something out of each category.

Shirts And T-Shirts

Derny Urban Cyclewear City Cycling Shirt

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Mont Ventoux Cycling T-Shirt

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Trousers And Shorts

GORE BIKE WEAR Soft Shell Pantalones largos para ciclismo en carretera o MTB

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Muddyfox Mens Urban Cycling Shorts

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MILLET Men’s Amuri Knit Mountain Biking Shoes

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Gore Wear Windproof Men’s Cycling Jacket, C3 Gore Windstopper Urban Camo Jacket

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Check out a wider range of these dual-purpose clothes at Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Feel free to post some comments below about these urban cycling clothes, maybe post your thoughts on the subject or maybe you like what you have just seen on here, I would love to hear from you and I will always respond within 24 hours.

Happy cycling!

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30 thoughts on “Urban Cycling Clothing – For The Every Day Casual Rider”

  1. That is a cool idea! I didn’t know they made specific biking clothing that allows you to keep a fashionable look while also allowing for the movement of biking. It sounds like they are very thorough with having a longer part in the back of the jacket or shirt so it doesn’t ride up while you bike and taking into account the breath-ability of the fabric. I have a sister that is into biking and will have to show her this site! I think she’d be interested in looking a little more into these types of clothing options. Thank you for the information and links!

    1. Hi Heidi, there is pretty much some item of clothing for everything now days it seems right lol. Please feel free to share the site as much as you want to those who you think would be interested.

  2. I never would have come up with the imagination of something like clothing being given thorough specification while considering them as wearables for biking. I always think that anything goes. It is a thoroughly enjoyable post that opens up my knowledge on what makes these fabrics really worthy. Thumbs up to you for sharing all these here. I am into cycling though for the leisure times and this is really a great information for me.

    1. Hi Rodarrick, thank you for your kind words. Many people dont realise there is casual clothing out there tailored for cycling. Feel free to check out more posts that might interest you.

  3. Hello Lee!

    Nice pieces of clothing for people who use cycling in their daily life!

    And yes, casual and house clothes would not be very suitable for long-distance or repeated cycling – sport clothing is welcome for these cycling purposes. By example, using the bicycle seat for a long time may do some harm to casual trousers, that’s an example of why there is a need for appropriate clothing.

    Also, people who travel by bicycle during the night must wear adapted clothing that would make car drivers notice them easily – owning a bicycle surely brings some specific responsibilities in matter of clothing!

    Happy cycling to you too!


    1. Hi Peter, your absolutely right there!! These clothes are best for those commuting in the day and don’t have far to travel but for the other cyclists it has to be safety combines with comfort for sure! 

  4. Hi Lee Bricknell, thank you very much for a great article about “Urban Cycling Clothing – For The Every Day Casual Rider”. I want to know something about “Gore Wear Windproof Men’s Cycling Jacket”, how many size and colour available of it? I hope you will publish more useful article in future.

    1. Hi Abul, that jacket is in two colours, grey and a green camouflage and also comes in many different sizes from small right up to XL. Keep an eye out for more articles being posted.

  5. Hi Lee. Thank you for sharing this post on urban cycling clothing. Even without being someone that ride a motorcycle or bicycle, urban cycling clothes have always being my favourite and considering the fact that they are suitable to be put on anywhere and anytime.

    They look nice and beautiful too.

    1. Thank you, they are smart and there’s so much more out there on the market too, and even smarter I’m sure if that’s the look you go for. 

  6. I love the cycling T-shirt. I think I’ll get it for my boyfriend for Christmas. He bikes every day for a couple of hours and he never has enough clothes to wear because he doesn’t do laundry that often. 😛

    I’ll probably get in yellow. I think it’s easier to be seen in this colour than in grey or black.

    1. Haha that’s men for you!! Yes they do make good Christmas presents! Feel free to check out my other posts which may also show some great ideas for christmas presents to buy for your boyfriend too! 

  7. Wow, you have said a lot about urban cycling clothing for the everyday casual rider. You really did well in hitting every single point about these clothing. I love the way they are being fitted, the fabric used and even the way they are fashioned.

    I love the first shirt on the beginning of the page (the one you used as featured image)

    Best regards!

    1. Thank you for your kind words on the content. Yes that shirt is certainly a suprise for many as being a dual purpose item of clothing especially for cycling, it is smart 

  8. It is my first time to see shirts with buttons being recommended for cycling. I thought they are like formal dresses that are worn only in a corporate setting. But then, it’s good to make an experiment and I’d like to try that. I love the sports of cycling it helps me burn a good amount of calories which is necessary to prevent Diabetes. This sickness runs through our bloodlines as my grandmother died of it more than two decades ago. Now, I got some good options to wear instead of just jackets and sweaters.

    1. Hi Gomer, sorry to hear about the diabetes but it’s good to hear you enjoy cycling as part of your exercise to keep healthy and fit. I thought the same about the shirts too lol but they are out there so no problem cycling to a bar for a few drinks and looking smart! 

  9. I always thought that you couldn’t wear long pants while biking, so I’m surprised that I see long pants designed for biking. Last time I fell off my bike, my knee was hurting so bad, I almost couldn’t get up. And it seems that the material is high-quality. I’m getting one pair, for sure. Thanks for the list!

    1. Hi Kate, the problem that can happen with wearing trousers on a bike is that if they are a loose fitting, then they can get caught in the chain on the sprocket while pedalling, but these trousers are a tighter fitting to avoid this happening 🙂 

  10. Nice jacket. And you can have it for everyday use, too. I don’t bike that much, but I like running and it’s getting cold outside. I’ve checked out and there is one for women with the same design and a hoodie. I’m not that fond of the pink colour inside, but it’s not like it’ll be visible when I wear the hoodie and when it’s down it’ll be covered with my hair. Thanks!

    1. Hi Alicia, yes there are plenty of womens urban cycling clothes too. Apologies I didnt pick any womens clothes out but I will be adding posts to this website around womens clothing so watch this space.. 

  11. This is great information because I remember hating to wear pants that were too loose below the knee when pedaling the bike. Thanks to the information you have provided in this post about urban cycling clothing, I can now choose more functional wear that will be good for casual wear as well. Though this is my first time learning this these styles look great!

    You mentioned that the fabrics that are used are marino wool and sport wool. You described what marino wool is like but what is sport wool? Marino wool sounds like a better fabric than cotton mainly because it is still soft like cotton but it wicks moisture and is more water repellent. I especially like those mountain biking shoes. Definitely getting those for Christmas!

    1. Hi Robert, yes it will help keep you more comfortable on the bike! As for sport wool, apologies I missed some wording out in my article, sport wool is a combination of Marino and polyester. Need any more help with your christmas shopping regarding cycling, let me know 🙂

  12. I really like the shoes. Are they for walking or running, as well? I’m looking for a good pair for both running and biking, but I don’t even know if something like that exists. I don’t mind paying a little bit more than usual prices. I just want to get shoes that will last a long time.

    1. Hi Jenny, yes they can be used for running too. Many of these dual purpose shoes are great for all sorts of different activities.

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