Winter Cycling Jerseys – Breathable And Keeping You Warm


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As cyclists, we all dread the winter months and early dark evenings when it comes to hitting the roads, but having the correct gear on to keep you warm and dry can take away some of the pain of hitting them cold winter days. Winter cycling jerseys are a must for all of those hard cyclists that still like to battle through the winter months.

I have covered about winter clothing in other posts on this website such as bib tights, cycling jackets, skull caps, overshoes, base layers but now I will cover cycling jerseys for the winter to help get you through these winter months and still enjoy hitting the roads.

Introduction To Cycling Jerseys

For those who are not quite sure about cycling jerseys, then I am here to help introduce them to you so that by the end of this article, you will understand what they are and how they can benefit you on the bike in winter.

There are cyclists out there that will wear coats, scarfs pretty much anything that you would probably wear while walking, yes they maybe warm, but are they really comfortable riding in all of that gear? Answer, probably not and chances are they are probably too hot, sweaty, heavy and become fatigued.

Cycling jerseys are cycling orientated and offer certain advantages while wearing one for cycling, one of them being tailored for comfort to allow for certain riding positions and to help take away sweat and keeping you warm, which is a difficult combination of course, but technology that goes into sports clothing now is very advanced and clever.

Jerseys are designed to be cut longer at the back than the front to accommodate the bent over-riding position so they don’t reveal any skin on your back. Jerseys are made from material which is designed to remove moisture from the skin helping to keep the rider cooler and comfortable.


Lets take a look at some features you can find on winter cycling jerseys;

Zip baffle – There are baffles behind the zips on these jerseys which helps to prevent any cold air getting through, offering more protection from the wind.

Zipped vents – Some winter jerseys will feature some vents that you can unzip for extra ventilation if you are riding hard and just need that cold breeze to help cool you a little. You might find these are more popular on cycling jackets than jerseys but it was worth mentioning here.

Pockets – Most winter jerseys will contain 3 pockets at the lower back, with them in this position they are out of the way while leaning forward on the bike. These can be used for little tools, energy gels, rolled up waterproof jackets, etc. Some jerseys now come with a zipped pocket that you would use for valuable such as money.

Chin guard – A simple fold of fabric that covers over the top of the zip to prevent rubbing on your skin whilst riding.

Waist gripper – Majority of winter jerseys will have a form of elasticated waist to form a nice tight fit or a silicone rubber gripper to prevent the jersey riding up. This helps keep a nice tight fit so there is no bagginess and also helps to prevent any wind making its way in.

Reflective – As its dark more than it is light in the winter, most winter jerseys will feature reflective strips on them to help increase visibility to other road users at night.


As with all cycling clothing, or any clothing for that matter, it is important that you know what the correct fit of a cycling jersey feels like in order to get the most out of it and provide you with the most comfort whilst riding.

A winter cycling jersey should fit tightly to the body so that there is no floppiness as you ride. It’s also important to have the jersey tight to the body as this helps to keep in your body heat which helps to keep you warm in those cold months.

Make sure that winter cycling jerseys are tight but still allow you to wear another layer underneath such as a base layer. This is why they are usually made from stretchy fabrics so that they allow for extra layers.

With summer jerseys, the collar can be quite low, but for winter jerseys, you want the collar to be close-fitting to reduce the cold getting into your neck.

As jerseys are made to be lower at the back, make sure that when you try on a jersey, that the back of the jersey covers your back when you’re in the riding position.

Sleeves on your winter jersey need to be long enough to over lap the cuffs on your cycling gloves to avoid any skin being exposed to the cold air giving you cold wrists. Some jerseys will have thumb loops to avoid any air getting up your sleeves.

As with all of my fitting advice, it is always best to try on different sizes across different brands as a medium that might fit you with one brand, might not fit you as a medium in another brand. Once you know the brand and size you want, then head over to the internet and do your shopping to see who has the best price deals available.

Top Winter Cycling Jerseys

Here I have picked out some winter jerseys that may be worth a look. I have listed these in no particular order;

1. Kalf Club Men’s Softshell Jersey

2. FDX Men’s Cycling Jersey Full sleeve

3. Roadbox Men’s Cycling Jersey

4. FDX Men’s Classic Cycling Jersey

5. FDX Women’s Thermodream Cycling Jersey

6. Didoo Cycling Jersey Long Sleeve Men’s

If you are in the USA, please check out the link further down in this post.

Will Winter Cycling Jerseys Benefit You?


I hope you have gained a better understanding of what winter cycling jerseys are and also how they can benefit you as a cyclist rather than some normal everyday clothes during the winter on your bike.

Check out more jerseys on Amazon;

Winter cycling jerseys UK

Winter cycling jerseys USA

Please feel free to leave comments below to start a discussion or maybe post a comment on which jersey you like or even if you have any questions, I will always respond within 24 hours.

Happy cycling!!

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8 thoughts on “Winter Cycling Jerseys – Breathable And Keeping You Warm”

  1. This is very good, as I live in sweden it is almost imposible to cycle for half of the year but this article got me intruiged.
    Thanks for a great article and now I will be able to cycle around the year.

  2. Well, it is cold now in Ohio, from time to time, anyway. These jerseys are definitely a must for anyone who wants to hit the trails (or roads) right about now. I like the black and pink one. Thanks for covering these!

  3. I like this. Thanks for sharing. I never had one of these since I’m more of a warm-weather cyclist, but it could be useful to get one of these winter cycling jerseys just in case I decide to hit the road during these winter months. Great stuff. Much appreciated.

  4. when I started  cycling  I used to ride with my normal  clothes but I discovered  it’s very dangerous  and can cause alot of problem to my health so I got the FDX Men’s Cycling Jersey Full sleeve honestly I felt the changes when I wore the clothe to when I used normal cloth to ride I felt confident and comfortable  I love this post about cycling Jersey  I think am gonna try another one out soon thanks 

    1. Hi Rose, yea I guess wearing normal clothes while riding and sweating can be bad for your health in the sense you can burn out and also feeling too uncomfortable and getting that heavy feeling. Jerseys are made to accomodate all of these issues and make you feel comfortable and also look the part. 

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